10 tips for enjoying your online purchases without headaches

With some tips and precautions, your internet shopping experiences can be much more profitable. Since e-commerce began to be held in Brazil, the number of stores and consumers has grown steadily. And there is no denying that the comfort of not having to look for vacancies in the parking lot, to be able to escape from the queues and to receive everything at home, makes this business even more attractive. However, as with everything in life, online trading also has negative aspects that can be mitigated by adopting some precautions. Below are some tips so you can enjoy your online purchases without having headaches afterwards.

1 – Compare Prices

Many women love to bang legs in the mall seeing the news, but when it is to search prices, it can give a certain laziness, which does not happen in e-commerce. In a matter of minutes, you can find the same product with great price variations if you do price compare with others and take advantage of the most convenient offer.

2 – Check out the store’s reputation

The network is full of people and poorly intentioned shops, so before you buy, it’s worth checking out the store reputation. Verify that the address exists, whether the phone answers, and whether the CNPJ is true. If the company refuses to pass any kind of information, be wary of its suitability.

On sites like reclaimed here, you can find reference on the store and evaluate before purchase if it is reliable or not. And since you’re on the Internet, search what they say about the store on social networks. Stores that offer a wide communication channel for the customer to leave their opinion and clarify doubts, for example, tend to yield more positive experiences than those that do not provide any channel.

3 – Attention to delivery deadlines

Some stores advertise products even without having them available in stock for immediate delivery, so they promise a deadline far from delivery, precisely to have time to receive the product and only then dispatch, attitude that can lead to a longer delivery time than the deal. In this case, confirm the delivery time with the store. If you’re not in a hurry, fine, but if you can’t expect more than the combined deadline, it might be better to buy on another website or in a physical store.

4 – Buy in advance

In addition to the deadline stipulated by the store, you must count the time it takes for the company to charge the payment and to dispatch the merchandise, which may take a while. Problems such as strike in post and misplaced may also compromise the deadline of your delivery, so if your order is to be used on a specific date, as a gift, for example, the higher the advance of the purchase, the better. Similarly, if the order is exchanged, you will need even more time to make the return and exchange.

5 – Check the Exchange and return policy

The virtual consumer is supported by laws, whereby it is possible to exchange or return a commodity, if it is defective, does not serve or does not please, but the virtual store is also supported by these same laws, so please refer to the Exchange and returns policy for Now in which cases you can return or exchange the product as well as the liability on the shipping fees. Keep all vouchers and emails pertaining to the operation?

6 – Check the delivery fees and expenses

A commodity may be cheaper in the online store than in the physical store, but in some cases freight charges may cause the price of both to match. When it is so, it is always good to consult the values of the delivery fees, since in case of exchange, this value may double so you can return and receive a new product. Some sites offer free delivery from a given value to encourage the highest number of sales. If you want to buy only one piece, see if any friends have no interest in buying something on the same site and save on freight.

7 – Prefer the known stores

Buying in a known store can avoid unpleasant surprises as to the quality of the products and also in the choice of sizes in the case of clothes. If the physical store you usually buy has a virtual sales system, you already know what you can expect. Now, if you want to make a purchase in an unfamiliar store, check your reputation and see friends who have already bought in the store to check if they have been well attended.

8 – Be wary of mirolantes promotions

Some stores can liquidate their products by making them available at prices below the competition, but if the difference is too large, you need to redouble the care, especially if they are electronic or computer products, because the merchandise may have Questionable provenance, be falsified and offer no guarantee whatsoever.

9 – Check Site security

Seals with safety indication such as “secure Internet” and “secure Site”, atone to the reliability of the site and are essential safety mechanisms for consumers, but at the time of closing a business, mainly of entering credit card data, you need to make sure you’re getting into a really safe environment. Generally, these pages are initiate by “https://: and should present in the browser an icon of a padlock located in the lower right corner of the screen or in the Address bar, depending on the program use. This measure is necessary to prevent your financial data from the stolen.

10 – Keep your computer protected

We are all exposed to computer viruses and programs that steal passwords and data without us noticing. Increasing care by keeping your antivirus always up-to-date, not shopping on public computers like LAN houses and not opening emails from suspicious senders, can reduce the risk of being a victim of hackers.

With these tips you will be able to buy the will, then just control the excitement and not turn the ease of buying on the internet on a pretext to burst the budget. Good shopping.

Kishan Rana

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