Winning Tips for Fantasy Sports on 11Wickets

Realizing the simple fact that a lot of money can be won playing online sports, more people are beginning to play online fantasy sports. As more and more players join the league and gets larger, the prize pools also get bigger. 


It is quite possible to make a living out of fantasy sports, and several users are doing it. Numerous have become highly successful professional fantasy cricket or football players. If you are one of those people aspiring to become professional in such type of games, here are a few great tips for you. 


Stick to a Routine 

If you truly want to make money playing fantasy games, you must invest a lot of time in research. You require soaking in info from multiple sources, and you will save a lot of time if you bookmark these resources. You should be able to admit your resources immediately, anytime you wish. 


Find a Mentor 

If you are a first time player, learn from an experienced player. It can be your friend, family member or other acquaintances. Check out the line-ups drafted by pro fantasy players and try to figure out how they did it. Listening to the pro players are always helpful for you to become a good fantasy player. 


Avoid Fantasy Cricket Contests with Big entry fee 

Stick to the free games or games with low entry fees till you gain the needed experience. Time will come when you will feel fairly confident about jumping into the shark-infested waters. 


Bankroll Management is Crucial 

You need to manage your bankroll well while playing daily fantasy cricket or football; otherwise, you will end up losing it quickly and end up with nothing. As far as possible, spend only 10% of your bankroll on entry fee to different contests. Keep track of how much you win and lose and uphold notes of each and every contest you take part in. Use any formula of your selection to determine how much of your bankroll you can spend on paid contests depending on your results. 


Read the Injury Reports 

Numerous players make the mistake of forgetting to check out injury reports before drafting their line-ups. As a result, they draft players who end up missing their games for an injury. Follow the news thoroughly. 


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Modify Your Strategies According to Game Format 

You cannot use the similar strategies for every contest and expect to win. You should alter your gaming strategies according to game format, player field, payout structure and many other factors. 


Draft several line-ups 

In cases where you cannot spend much of your bankroll on contests, you can reduce risk by drafting numerous line-ups. 


Remember to Have Fun 

If you get gripped with winning, you will not be able to have fun. Nevertheless, playing fantasy cricket or football is all about having fun and enhancing your experience of watching the games. 


Enjoy reading and playing fantasy cricket or football games! 

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