5 Reasons WHY you should take your PTE-A Preparation Mobile

If you been preparing for the PTE-A for some time without success, it is probably time for a re-think. How you have been preparing so far for regular exams has to change radically when it is time to take the PTE-A.

The PTE-A is a test of strategy, and it is also a computer-based test. So, you have to prepare accordingly to suit the needs of the test interface. We propose a new preparation method for PTE-A using your mobile device.

Here’s why it is time to take your PTE-A preparation mobile:

  1. Time Management

The most challenging thing about preparing for PTE-A is time management. Not just during the exam, but also before it. Most test-takers have other commitments, like academics, or work-related. Therefore, many find it extremely difficult to find a dedicated time for PTE practice.

Introducing the one-stop solution that will revolutionize your preparation: the PTE Tutorials Mobile App. With the PTE preparation app, you can practice whenever you get a little free time during the day. Even if you can’t take out a dedicated time slot for practice, having everything on your phone helps. Research says that an average smartphone user checks their phones 80 times a day. Let’s say your chances of finding time in between the busy day to prepare just shot up by a lot.

Be it during a routine work related commute, or during the lunch break at work, you have these several windows of opportunity to put your time into optimal usage.

  1. Prepare anytime, anywhere

You get the facility to prepare anytime, anywhere. So the concept of geographical constraints vanishes like that. If you believe in multi-tasking, then we bet you’d love this smart usage of your mobile device.

No need to go through the motions of sitting down in a disciplined manner at the same table, with materials and pen and paper. Just like how you have prepared for regular exams all your life.

Just pull out your mobile device anywhere, anytime, and get like solid 15 minutes of practice, before you get back your world. Too much to ask? No, right?

It’s like you are carrying your PTE-A arsenal with you in your pocket wherever you go.

  1. Get used to the PTE-A interface

Note that the PTE-A is going to be a computer-based test, so it is distinctly different from a conventional paper-based exam. The interface is changed, the response times, and the responses, indeed, are themselves different. So you have to wire your mind differently for the PTE-A exam. Accordingly, you need a PTE study app that understands the modified needs of the exam and adequate responses.

The test interface of the PTE Tutorials Mobile App is very similar to the actual test interface of PTE-A. So by regular practice on the app, you would be able to familiarise yourself to perform the best using the interface. When you face the actual exam, there are no surprises in store for you!

So, give the app a try, and feel the difference.

  1. Quality questions

Now, coming to the features part, the best thing about the PTE Tutorials Mobile App is that it offers your tons of unlimited free, high-quality questions. The questions are following the impeccable standards of the PTE-A exam. So, you never run out of questions to practice with.

By continually practicing with the PTE application, you can cut down your response times. Plus, when you practice with such a wide variety of questions, the chances are that you won’t find yourself being out of depth during the actual test.

Just spare some time, and take a look at the great variety of questions that the PTE Tutorials Mobile App offers you. We are sure that you would be bowled over.

  1. Expert-level feedback

The best thing about the free PTE app is that you can check you did in the practice set. You can check the amount of time you took to finish the questions. You can even improve your answers with the help of sample answers.

For those wanting to take their preparation to the next level, you can also request for expert feedback on your performance. With the help of the scored and unscored practice tests, you can get expert feedback. You will even get detailed Test Analytics to understand what are your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

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