5 reasons why GPS tracker for bike is necessary for your vehicle ?

We are not unaware that vehicle theft has risen from the last few years, and we can’t agree more about this fact. Whether it is a bike owner or any car owner, everyone fears their vehicle, and the rising theft cases aren’t helpful. Are you also worried about your motorcycle? If yes, then keep reading this article. This article will provide you solutions regarding your vehicle’s safety. You will get to know how a GPS tracker for bike can make your motorcycle safe.

Bike-Theft Incident

One of Onelap’s customers named Arvind Cane, who is using their services for the past two years, just a few days back, became a victim of bike-theft, but with police and bike GPS tracker, he got his motorcycle back. Arvind said,

“I’m very thankful to Onelap Telematics and feel very lucky to have this GPS tracker installed in my vehicle. It has been very efficient and accurate from the beginning. Its real-time alerts have helped me a lot. When my bike got stolen, I was furious, but the police department and this smart GPS device did their job well. This GPS tracker not only helped me in tracking the thief, but it also helped me in making my case strong in the Court by providing useful evidence.”

I hope the above paragraph is enough to understand this GPS tracker’s worth and how important a role it can play for your vehicle. Its Anti-Theft alert feature can be convenient for your two-wheeler or car, just like the above example.

How is GPS Tracker helpful for the car?

Vishal Pandey, another customer, who is a CA by profession, using Onelap GPS tracking device for the past six months, says that:

“I used to go to the office not only with my car, with the fear of stealing also Before purchasing this device. However, since the installation of this car’s GPS tracker, my fears have gone. Now, I go to the office with a peaceful mind without any stress about vehicle safety.”

Not an only bike, but it can also track any vehicle anytime and from anywhere.

Advantages of GPS Tracker

Here are the five benefits of GPS tracker for bike:


It doesn’t matter which sport you follow; you always want to watch the live-action of your favorite team’s match instead of highlights or repeat telecast. The same is the case with tracking. Everybody wants to know the real-time location, and the vehicle tracking system provides you precisely that function. You can see your motorcycle or bike’s live location anytime.

Theft Alerts:

This function is one of the most critical parts of this device. It doesn’t stop stealing, but it gives you real-time alerts whenever someone other than you tries to start your vehicle so that you can come out and check your bike in the parking area. Assuming the worst scenario, if the thief succeeds in stealing your car, you can still track him and find the location, just like the story written at the beginning of this article.

Engine Access:

One of the Onelap products named Micro Plus provides an engine access feature and other functions. Through this, you can lock your car’s engine remotely, and after that, nobody can unlock your vehicle. The vehicle only gets unlocked when you open the machine through your mobile app.

Fixed Speed Limit:

This trait allows you to fix a speed limit in your vehicle so that whenever you or somebody else exceed that speed, you get instant notification on your mobile application. To understand this, let’s take an example, suppose one of your friends will attend a family function, and he asks you for your bike. Being a good friend, you gave him your bike, but you’re worried about his rash driving from inside. Here the role of speed alert becomes critical. Now, whenever he exceeds that, you will get an Overspeed alert on mobile.


Nobody likes complications. Everybody wants to avoid that, whether its you or me. Onelap GPS tracker for bike saves you from complications by providing a wireless GPS tracker, which keeps your time because you don’t have to look for a mechanic and wait for the GPS to get fitted completely. It is a portable GPS device, so you can self-install it anywhere throughout your vehicle.


While talking about GPS tracking services, some people consider it a luxury. They think that a big organization and only fleet should take these kinds of services. The bike-theft incident, which we have talked about, initially proves that a GPS tracker is useful for personal vehicle owners as for fleet owners. Henceforth, considering GPS tracker as luxury is wrong, and even if its luxury, its still affordable if you see the prices of vehicles.

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