How the GB Whatsapp is Eminent than the Original Whatsapp?

We love to use our Smartphones while either we are free or when we have to chat on Whats app. If you are using a Smartphone then I am pretty sure that the application of Whats app is definitely has installed in your Smartphone. Whats app has become our need now, as many people get the threshold of stay in contact with their loved ones and many businesses are running on the Whats app as we are able to make a group of 100 people in the Whats app who are using it. This abundance of the people is sufficient to keep in contact with all of the employees. Whats app is the most wanted app by the people but it has some of the limitations or we are able to say some lacks are here in the original Whats app application.

Original Whatsapp Apk v/s GB Whatsapp Apk

  • First, we the main thing is that we are not able to see who is online or who is not altogether at a time, we have to see by opening the chat wall of the person that he is online or not. But there is an application called GB Whats app, which is a mod application of the original one. GB Whatsapp Install is the very interesting application with many interesting features as we are able to open the list of our contacts in which we are able to see who is online.
  • Secondly, there is a limitation regarding the size of the video file, which we want to send. We only are able to send 16 Megabytes of the total size of a particular video, which is able to be irritating in many kinds. Where, by using the GB Whats app, we do not have to face this problem as we are able to send the video of any size without any limitation. No-one wants a single video in pieces so it is more important that we install the GB Whats app for sending the whole video.
  • The Original Whats app has a green icon which is the identity of it, but have you ever imagined that Whats app icon in red, blue, yellow, pink, or black? Seems interesting right? GB Whats app offers you to customize your Whats app application according to your own preferences as you are able to change the color of the icon and is able to show your friends to make them impressed.
  • Another lack of the original Whats app is that it gives you the limitation of uploading the status of only 30 seconds but you is able to upload much longer status on the GB Whats app.

Consequences and Where to get the GB Whatsapp from?

So you have read the pros of the GB Whats app and cons of the original Whats app and the outcome appears out to be is that GB Whats app is a lot better than the original one. But, the question is that where to get this awesome application? The only source of downloading and installing the GB Whats app is the application store of the 9Apps. You have to install the 9 Apps first for getting the GB Whats app application to your Smartphone.

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