What is a psm certification?

PSM certification is one of the most popular and preferred courses in scrum master certification. PSM certification is in high demand for most companies and engineers. Scrum.org is the certifying body for Professional scrum master. Ken Schwaber founded this for-profit organization in 2010. 

Professional scrum master certification process:

PSM certification has only a one-step process. Buy an assessment from scrum.org and can get it from anywhere through the internet. In the PSM certification process, there is no need to attend any workshop or get coaching. There will be programs run by Scrum.org.

The cost of training is between 1.200 EUR- EUR 1.600. The test itself costs $150. The official training includes the test cost also. If any institute offers lower prices, that indicates it is not a certified PSM training.

Professional Scrum Master exam has 80 questions and needs to answer them in 60 minutes. You will get less than a minute to read and complete a question. There are three levels in the Professional scrum master certification. The three levels PSM-I, PSM-II, and PSM- III have online tests and assessments.

1) Professional scrum master-I:

PSM training is an entry-level certification for the scrum masters. Professional scrum master course is a 2-day training program that covers principles, Agile manifesto, scrum framework, and the role of scrum master. There Is no mandatory training program by professional scrum trainer. The candidate can directly attend the exam if he is well known for a scrum and the role of scrum master. There will be mock tests available, one can practice the mock quizzes before attempting the PSM exam. 

2) Professional scrum master-II:

This professional scrum master-II certification is for the scrum master who wishes to show his ability to apply the scrum framework to solve complex problems in the real world. When compared to PSM-I, PSM-II is an advanced course. Attending a classroom course is not mandatory same as PSM-I. If you are in advanced level in scrum and scrum master, you can pick PSM-II.

3) Professional scrum master-III:

This professional scrum master-III certification is for those who are well known about scrum.  Those who have completed PSM-III can teach people who want to learn Scrum. Those who want to clear PSM-III have to need in-depth knowledge of scrum. By clearing PSM-III, one should have a deeper knowledge of the Scrum framework and the ability to implement scrum in complex content.

The reason to choose scrum master certification:-

  • One should be curious and want to learn Scrum.
  • If you want your profile to be shortlisted if you are looking for a job.
  • If you want to learn the scrum masters role.
  • If your employer wants you to have a certification.

Tips to pass the Professional scrum master exam:

We will provide you some steps that make it easier to understand scrum and pass the PSM exam. Get ready to attend the online preparation tests.

  1. Read the scrum guide which is 16 pages long. This helps you to cover all the Scrum concepts.
  2. Attend the open tests available at scrum until you achieve a 100 percent score on all the tests. This helps in resolving the complex questions that may come during the exam.
  3. Search for professional scrum community forums to find the explanations.
  4. Attend the free assessment tests by searching on the internet. Every test will make you more perfect on scrum.
  5. Must read the free guide that covers some topics that are not there in the scrum guide.
  6. Focus more on scrum values and go through them separately.
  7. Go through the nexus guide to learn about scaling Scrum. You can get some related questions in the exam.
  8. Learn about burndown charts, CFD, and code of uncertainty.

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