How Videos Can Help Real Estate Agents Seal The Deal During The Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic has changed the ways of our existence. Every social activity, from office meetings to parties and school, has moved online. The ‘new normal’ is a term used to describe these unusual times. 

Since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, several industries across the globe are struggling to keep the company afloat or earn some extra capital. As such, even the real estate market has faced a considerable blow. Buying and selling houses has become a daunting task, with fewer people venturing outside their comfort. 

Companies that cannot accommodate precautionary measures are encouraging employees to continue working from their homes. With employment risks at an all-time high, making massive investments in a home is also being looked at with a skeptic lens.

While many industries are losing their business, a small adjustment to the new normal could help sustain any business. 

How Embracing A Digital Approach Can Help Sustain A Real Estate Business

Digital media platforms have made it possible to keep the spirits alive during this pandemic. Everything from entertainment to shopping has found its place in the online world. The businesses which functioned in the retail sector have also created stores online.

Online video-chat platforms and virtual-meeting-applications have made communication seamless and convenient. People can virtually look at places and meet people online, without risking their lives or of those around them.

While going digital might not be possible for a lot of businesses, it is a natural alternative for real estate agencies to keep the stove burning. One of the best ways to slow down your losses and sustain your business during the pandemic is to use videos.

Effective Video Tips For The Real Estate Market

There are mainly three problems faced by the real estate market:

  • The lack of access to visit homes
  • The uncertainty to make mortgage payments
  • Doubts on the depreciation of housing project

We can address and resolve the first issue using by using videos as a creative medium. Video, both live and recorded, can work as the tool you need to make a strong selling point. Moreover, this process can help your company keep its operations active and workers safe.

Here are five ways you can leverage videos and video marketing for better real-estate sustenance:

1. Home Tours

A home tour is the primary need of an investor. Find a professional video creator and make a well-choreographed home tour. Make sure you cover all the appealing aspects of the home that a client would look out for and make them engaging enough to lure a buyer.

Maintain a high quality of production when filming your home tours. You can also use fitting music to enhance quality. Employ the use of a free youtube to mp3 converter to find royalty-free music at no cost. 

These home videos can also be used as marketing materials to find a buyer online.  

2. Virtual Live Open-House

Many realtors find the home tour videos a time-consuming process. In such a case, you can host a virtual open house. Be physically present at the house and assign time slots to potential buyers. 

You can use a video-chat application to guide a buyer around the home. This chat will add a more real-time experience to your sale.

This online conversation will provide first-hand information about the home and clear any doubts of the investor. The chat also adds authenticity, as compared to a pre-recorded video.

3. Using Video As Brand Marketing Tool

Videos are a powerful marketing tool. 80% of all video marketers confirm that video has directly aided higher sales. 

Be it running ads or creating content online; the video medium is a better way to draw eyes to your brand. This process can be done in two formats.

You can make videos to entertain the users or educate the users. Entertaining videos in real estate marketing would include home tours, videos on exceptionally designed homes, collaboration videos with local influencers, etc.

Videos aimed to educate users could be infographic videos about housing and renting marketing. Video on home decoration and DIY interior tricks are also products that can gain substantial traffic.

4. Video To Promote Safety

If your city is open for business, then get ahead of the curve by making your brand stand-out for their utmost safety standards. Make videos that show your team sanitizing and cleaning each home up a sale. This can be a simple video made using an online photo slideshow maker with music.  

A video trailer to confirm how consumers are welcomed with face-masks and precautionary measures will resonate with a home buyer. This will encourage buyers to approach you for a purchase, as compared to other realtors in the market.

5. Make Social Media Videos

Social media usage has also hit an all-time spike with users stuck in their homes. You can use this platform to share interesting videos and build a community. Share daily updates and make videos on trending topics.

These videos need not be high-quality or high-production, as long as they are timely and catchy. These videos will pull you a crowd to your business page online. This crowd can, over time, be leveraged to promote your home sales.

Final Thoughts

With no definite end in sight for COVID-19, these are a few video ideas and tricks that any real estate business can adopt to keep the business afloat during the pandemic.

It is easy to lose morale during this pandemic. With people stuck at home, and adapting to the new ways of life, having an effective support system is very important. If you have a team you work with, stay in touch each day.

The safety of clients is another concern. Ensure top-notch safety standards are maintained to encourage buyers. Keeping modest caution will drive more people to you, and will help gain endorsements from the people of your community.

The outbreak is also an ideal time to give back to the world. Collaborate with non-profits and social welfare groups to support the neighborhood during this pandemic. This selfless act will help the people in need, and also provide a positive reputation for your brand.

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