UPSC Examination 2023: Update Your Knowledge 

The UPSC 2023 test dates have been made public on the official website. According to the UPSC schedule, the preliminary exam will be held on May 28, 2023. The UPSC IAS 2023 test applicants must make sure they arrange their preparation by the timetable and make an effort to cover the whole curriculum for both the prelims and mains exams. UPSC conducts many exams for administrative posts and choosing the right one for yourself can be very daunting. Here in this blog, you may find all the information you need for the UPSC exam 2023 test in this blog, including the exam schedule, curriculum, study guides, and more.

Overview of the UPSC Test 2023

The IAS examination is administered once a year by the Union Public Service Commission. Applicants who plan to take the UPSC IAS exam 2023 test should practice beforehand to increase their chances of passing with a higher mark. Millions of applicants take the exam each year, but only a small percentage pass.

The 2023 UPSC session calendar has just been made public. Candidates who plan to take the test should remember the dates and activities leading up to it.

Requirements For UPSC Eligibility 2023

The full list of requirements for taking the test is available in the official announcement for applicants. Applicants must check the 2023 guidelines before filling out the form. There will be problems if applicants who are ineligible for the exam nonetheless submit applications.

Additionally, three factors: age, education, and nationality, are crucial for the UPSC 2023 test in terms of eligibility. To take the UPSC IAS 2023 test, there is no minimum graduation percentage needed.

UPSC Age Requirements: The UPSC 2023 age restriction must be computed as of August 1, 2023.

What Exams Does the UPSC Administer Choose Candidates for the Civil Service?

  • Engineering
  • Examining Indian Forestry Services (IFoS).
  • Examination for Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF).
  • Indian Economic Service and Indian Statistical Service are abbreviated as (IES/ISS).
  • Exam for both geologists and geoscientists together.
  • Services Medical Combined (CMS).
  • Exam for Special Class Railway Apprentices (SCRA).

There will be a restricted departmental competitive examination to choose an Assistant Commandant (Executive) for the CIS. 

Application Procedure For UPSC 2023

The following procedures may be taken by those who want to apply for the UPSC 2023: 

  • Open the UPSC website in a new window.
  • To download the UPSC Notice, click on it.
  • Click the apply button at last.
  • Before submitting the UPSC application form, double-check the information.
  • Instructions for completing the UPSC IAS 2023 Application Form
  • Do a proper scan of the signature and photo.
  • Apply for UPSC as soon as you can by completing the application.
  • Pay the UPSC application form fee, please.
  • Please provide the information for any one of the following government identifications: Aadhar card, voter card, PAN, passport, DL, etc.

Exam Centers For UPSC CSE 2023

Together with their formal notice, the Union Public Service Commission will also issue a list of the UPSC 2023 exam locations. On May 28, 2023, the UPSC Civil Services preliminary examination will be held. Also, the UPSC introduced two additional prelim exam centers last year, bringing the total number of prelim exam centers to 79.

Admit Card For UPSC 2023

The Union Public Service Commission will publish the UPSC IAS 2023 admit card on its official website. The entrance card will be accessible online. The commission will make the admission card available separately for the preliminary and main exams. The prelims admit card will be made available by UPSC first, and those who pass the prelims examination will be permitted to sit the main exam. Their official website will host the Mains admission card.

What Is The UPSC 2023 Civil Services Exam Syllabus?

The preliminary exam, which comprises an objective test, a written examination, and an interview, is one of three parts of the UPSC Civil Services Test.

Prelims: The preliminary examination consists of two 200-point papers (General Studies Paper-I and General Studies Paper-II). The questions will all be multiple choice, objective in nature. The prelim results will not be used to establish final ranks; they will only be used to determine eligibility for the main exam.

Mains: The final merit ranking will be based on just seven of the nine papers that make up the written test (main), despite there being nine total. The candidate must pass the other two exams with the minimum score specified by the commission each year.

Interview:  Candidates are interviewed about their history. Questions about general interest subjects will be asked of the subject.

The results of the Preliminary Exam do not affect the final ranking. Preliminary exams are used to select candidates for the Main Exam. A candidate’s final Civil Service Exam rank is solely based on how well they perform on the Main Test and Interview. The main exam carries a point value of 1750, while the interview carries a point value of 275. Having said that, it is challenging to pass the preliminary test without enough preparation. Only the top 3 candidates out of 100 receive invitations from the Union Public Service Commission to take the Main exam.

How To Find Your UPSC Exam Skills

  1. Quantitative vs. qualitative

Do you manage your time efficiently?

Although if everyone has the same 24 hours each day, some people may nevertheless study more effectively than others. Developing your capacity to prioritize chores may be quite helpful. Time management is a life skill. You are responsible for effectively using the time you have available.

  1. Reliance On Institution

Unquestionably, a coaching institute provides helpful resources and information, but relying solely on it may restrict your capacity to create opinions, advance your intellect, and acquire other talents. Therefore, keep feeding your curiosity.

  1. Proficient In Optional

The 500 marks in your extra topic might be rather easy to earn in your final score if you choose it carefully and strategically. Having prior knowledge of your optional subject can speed up and simplify the process by saving you time. If that’s not the case, though, your preparation will still be sufficient if you genuinely care about the optional topic you choose.

  1. Solid Groundwork

When studying for UPSC’s top online classes, there is a lot of information to cover, and it is easy to overlook the essential concepts given in the NCERT textbooks. As it is the most reliable source for corroborating the theories, you shouldn’t worry too much about its accuracy or upkeep.

Wrapping Up

Candidates’ aptitude, logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing skills are tested at various times throughout the exam from UPSC’s top online courses because of the extensive UPSC IAS exam Syllabus and the exam’s paper style. It primarily determines whether candidates are qualified for positions in public administration and, as a result, entails testing their understanding of a variety of subjects, issues, and challenges faced by the country and the rest of the world.


  • Can final year students of graduation apply for UPSC CSE?

Answer: Yes, candidates who have taken a qualifying examination that would make them educationally eligible for the Commission’s exam, but have not received their results, as well as those who plan to take such an exam, are also qualified to apply for the Preliminary Examination.

  • Which stream/subject should I choose for graduation to clear UPSC exam?

Answer: While many of the questions in the general studies papers for UPSC Prelims and Mains are related to Humanities, it is not mandatory or recommended to pursue a Humanities background solely to pass the UPSC exam. Instead, it is advisable to select a stream of study for graduation based on your interests, whether it is Humanities, Science, Engineering, Literature, Management, or any other field. You have the freedom to choose any optional subject for UPSC Mains, which may not necessarily be the same as your graduation stream.

  • Is it permissible for a candidate to take the Main Exam papers in various languages?

Answer: Candidates are given the choice to answer their Main Exam papers in either English or one of the languages listed in the Eighth Schedule.

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