Top eCommerce hosting companies in 2019

To build an eCommerce store you need a reliable eCommerce hosting plan. But the problem arises when you google top eCommerce hosting companies and get so many results. If you are buying first time then of course it’s hard to finalize an eCommerce hosting plan from a list of best ecommerce hosting companies. Good news is that you can read about customer reviews and then decide accordingly.

Factors To Consider While Choosing an E-Commerce Hosting Company:

You should consider the following factors before finalizing the eCommerce hosting plan:


This is really something which cannot  be compromise at all. You should check what speed they are providing. You may lose your customers otherwise. So, performance should be your priority.

SSL Certificate

You ecommerce website is definitely going to involve transactions. No customer wants to feed his sensitive information on an insecure website. Also having a secured url is one of the ranking factors of google. So, get SSL  on priority basis.

PCI Compliance

In addition to getting SSL certificate, you need to get hosting with a PCI compliant hosting provider company in order to accept credit cards.

Backups and Updates

You can expect worst when your website have millions of visitors and you are using cms like wordpress. You have surely  heard about vulnerabilities often so get hosting from a company which provides either regular backups.

Best ecommerce hosting companies


Siteground is one of the giant ecommerce hosting companies. Stats suggest that it has more than 1.9 million domains in all around the world.  

They have Cloud hosting plans which are quite good in the market. Also their woocommerce hosting options are commendable.

Their ecommerce hosting will opt you  to build an ecommerce store on a platform of your choice. Magento hosting is one of the leading ecommerce hosting of the time.

Siteground ecommerce hosting is usually preferred for building a heavy ecommerce store.  Woocommerce plans include 10GB where as cloud offers 40GB of space.

If you want a cheap solution then you should go for woocommerce hosting plan which is quite cheap and based on shared hosting environment.

Pricing structure of siteground starts with $80 per month.


Bigcommerce is one of the popular hosting solutions for building ecommerce stores even if you are non technical. Simply you have to sign up for bigcommerce hosting plan, start creating and listing your products and then start selling to potential customers.

Bigcommerce provides much more features in terms of seo as compared to shopify. You may purchase gold plan which allow unlimited storage bandwidth and products.

Bigcommerce can also be integrated into your wordpress website. Hence, you can manage your e store storefront with bigcommerce while manage content with  wordpress. Bigcommerce packages starts with $29.95

Wp engine

Wp engine is wordpress hosting platform typically wp engine provide a suite of performance and integration tools for building and deploying high performance e stores. It is actually partnered with aws and GCE for building scalable and fast ecommerce website. Its prices start from $24.50.


Shopify has a similar website building system as bigcommerce. It offers much better themes than its competitors. You enjoy following benefits, if you choose shopify over another hosting platform:

  1. Without going in any technicalities you may build an estore .
  2. You don’t really need to worry about traffic outages as you can easily upgrade for advanced features.
  3. Multiple payment gateways are supported in shopify. Its pricing starts from $29 per month.

Bluehost Woocommerce

Bluehost woocommerce hosting plan is good for those who wants to build estore using wordpress. This hosting enables you to make a customized store .

Bluehost hosting plan offers 1 click woocommerce autoinstall, a free domain and a dedicated ip. So what else a business owner before starting an e business. Pricing plan starts from 6.95$ per month.

Hostgator Cloud

Hostgator cloud is considered as one of the best ecommerce hosting service for a running estore. The plan enables dynamic ecommerce requests which are processed at super fast speed.  Moreover, it is far more scalable than shared hosting. Hostgator cloud hosting plan is prefered usually by those website owners who expects big spike during holiday seasons. Pricing plan starts from $4.95.

Last words

Above 6 are considered as top class ecommerce hosting plans in the industry. You may choose from the above mentioned hosting services or visit best ecommerce hosting companies to evaluate a right choice for you. Alternatively, you can comment below if you have any other query.

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