Top 7 Online Collaboration Tools An Intranet Offers to Power Business

In the last few years, the term collaboration has garnered more attention than ever. Today, when businesses are finding new ways to globalize, it becomes essential for an organization to make its employees stay connected with each other for smooth operations. A modern-day intranet offers a wide range of online collaboration tools to boost collaboration and engagement.

Each organization may have different meanings of collaboration, which depends on products/services and goals. In addition, some businesses want team level collaboration, while others require community level or network level.  However, almost all organizations want to power collaboration to save time, organize people, strengthen company culture, improve team relationships, and manage projects.

Here are some powerful tools an intranet as online collaboration software offers

Internal Communication System

Replacing time-consuming and expensive conventional communication systems, an intranet allows employees from different departments of an organization to come together on a common platform. They get a private network where they can connect with their colleagues, despite being miles away from them.

An intranet as online collaboration software makes it easier for users to communicate with one another in an efficient manner while staying on their project and without overlooking other essential aspects of their work.

Push Notifications

 Whenever there is an update or a new project, an intranet notifies users through push notifications on their smart devices. This tool allows employees to stay aware of content updates, new projects assigned to them, and conversions where they are mentioned.

Another advantage of push notifications is that users may receive them on their mobile phones. It makes employees feel connected with their organization all the time.


 Gone are the days when employees had a calendar on their desks to mark important dates and sticky notes in their drawers to write priority tasks. Today, a web calendar is one of the vital online collaboration tools of an intranet. It allows employees to mark dates and write tasks. Wherever they go, this web calendar goes with them.

In addition, a web calendar makes users aware of tasks through push notifications.

Online Meetings

An intranet powers internal collaboration by replacing face-to-face meetings with virtual conferences. This feature allows employees from different branch offices to attend company meetings and offer valuable insights.

Virtual meetings not only save time for an organization and its employees but also help cut costs; there is no need to buy accessories and stationery for a meeting.


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Project Management

 An online collaboration software brings employees from different departments on a common network for projects. Authorized users can communicate with each other, discuss ideas, share documents, work on files in real-time, and share feedback. Employees can perform these operations while staying miles away from each other.

Instant Messaging

 An intranet as a collaboration platform effectively replaces emails and chat apps. It offers tools to share files and send instant messages on one network. Employees do not need to switch between platforms to perform their tasks and communicate with their colleagues.

The instant messaging feature of an intranet platform can also be accessed on a smartphone.

Robust Search

 Employees not only use an intranet to create real-time content and share it with peer groups but also to quickly search for documents. They can find an important file from a pile of digital documents to perform their tasks.

Using the robust search tool, employees can look for old files and conversations.

Final Words

 A modern intranet is equipped with a range of online collaboration tools that enable people of an organization to work together on a secure, private network. As the business industry has globalized, an intranet solution, through its collaboration tools, can lead to success for a company.   

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