Tools Businesses Should Incorporate In their daily operations

Perhaps the Covid – 19 pandemic has been an eye opener to most businesses who didn’t have any online presence. Sales, customer service and almost all operations across the globe went online in the wake of the deadly virus. Remote working, which was a thing of few companies has been rapidly adopted by a good number of business ventures.

Amidst all the losses that companies accrued, software companies have been, however, on the gaining end. Several software have been developed to aid in project management, induction training, video conferencing and cloud storage tools. This article will look at the essential tools businesses should incorporate.

Cloud Storage Tools

Businesses that operate remotely have extensive documents and multimedia files that are large to send by email.

Technology is advancing fast, as evidenced in computer systems. For a long time, computer systems have been storing files locally in the hard drives. Due to technological advancement, the computer system has moved to server-based storage, which is commonly known as cloud storage.

One of the benefits of cloud storage is that you can access your files and documents from anywhere. It is a perfect sharing tool for businesses that operate remotely. There are many cloud storage, file-sharing, and file-syncing services online; the choice depends on you. They include

a) Google Drive

It’s cloud storage from Google. It helps in keeping documents secure and in one location. With Google Drive, you can share your documents, spreadsheets, and slides and store them.

b) Dropbox

You cannot share large files on emails, and that’s where Dropbox comes in handy. With Dropbox, you can manage your employees remotely. Employees can synchronize, share, and collaborate on documents. It’s perfect for businesses with larger files.

Other cloud storage tools include IDrive and pCloud.

Collaboration Tool

Some of the collaboration tools that will ensure smooth operations and bolster productivity include:        

a) ProofHub

ProofHub is an online project management software that is used by thousands of remote workers. It brings everything to a central place. Employees using ProofHub can interact with colleagues and clients. It is an all-in-one project management software with features like proofing, discussions, chatting, and sharing feedback.

b) Filestage

Like ProofHub, Filestage is also an all-in-one tool. It’s an online proofing software that makes quickly and easily the review and approval process.

With this tool, your colleagues and clients can give you feedback on all files, be it a text, image, video, or audio file.

c) Zoom

It’s hard to talk about collaboration tools without mentioning Zoom. When coronavirus struck, people got confused about how they will go about their businesses when they start working remotely. Then Zoom came, and everything seemed normal.

With zoom, you can have a call with even 1000 team members. You can share your screens, record video and audio files, and create breakout rooms.

You can hold interviews, and if you are satisfied with the interviewee, he can electronically sign the contract and get hired.

Quick Feedback Tool

When working, be it remote or not, getting feedback is very important and more satisfying. For this reason, software companies have developed tools for getting quick feedback. They include:


A good manager should always strive to make his team happy. With chimp, you can connect with your team in a simple but best way. You can get feedback from your team to see if they are okay with everything related to work.

Electronic signing

With the covid-19 in our midst, everything has gone remote so do the hiring and marketing. A profitable business should incorporate electronic signing tools to make their contract agreement process easier.

Productivity Tool

Productivity is an essential part of the business. As a product manager, you should make sure that your team stays high and very active as much as they can. Now that most companies operate remotely, they should incorporate tools that can maintain the increased productivity of their team like;


Krisp is a noise managing software for remote workers and teams, keeping them high and productive. Working at home sometimes comes with a lot of noise. This tool helps by removing the background noise from your end and the receivers’ end. With this tool, you can take your essential calls anywhere.

If you are running a business, a startup, or an already established one, it’s essential to go with the trend. Things are changing first in terms of technology. Software developers are working every day developing new tools and updating the already existing ones.

These are just like a drop of water in an ocean. There are many tools online you can choose depending on you’re the nature of your business.

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