Tommy Hilfiger: An Affordable Luxurious Brand That You Should Add To Your Collection

Wearing a watch is not just to track your time every day; a watch is more than that. It is a long term investment, fashion, and defines your social class in society. Wearing a decent, elegant, and luxurious looking watch on your wrist can change how your personality depends on the choices you make on choosing the perfect timepiece.

You don’t need to spend many dollars buying a luxurious looking watch because there are many brands in the market, like Tommy Hilfiger. This brand is well known worldwide for its elegant designs and styles and high-quality watches at an affordable price that all middle-class to higher classes can afford. 

Getting To Know Tommy Hilfiger 

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is known as an American brand globally, founded by the famous designer, Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, in 1985. The brand is known as American clothing, footwear, accessories, manufacturing apparel and fragrance, and later on, they started producing numbers of Tommy Hilfiger watch.

All of his magnificent creations, from clothing to timepieces, are designed entirely with high-quality materials for everyone from the middle class to high-class people can purchase his products. Below are some of his new collection of watches that you might be interested in having for your personal collection. 

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791290

This Tommy Hilfiger watch is designed and styled entirely just for men. This watch can go with different occasions whether you’re up to casual, sports, semi-casual, semi-formal, or even formal attire. This analog watch has a dark blue dial with white-tone hour markers and hands and has three sundials in skeletal design.

The watch’s case is made of stainless steel with a nude-tone detail, and the rest has a silver-tone. Its round shape design has a diameter measured at 44mm. The strap is made of calfskin, which makes it elegant and classy. The watch has a water-resistant of 50 meters or 164 ft. You can own this watch by spending only $174.

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791424

The 1791424 Tommy Hilfiger watch is styled entirely with a classy yet sophisticated design just for men. The watch fits perfectly for any occasion and wardrobe styles, such as casual, even semi-formal attire. The case of this watch is made of high-quality stainless steel with a round design that measures a diameter of 46mm. 

Its dial has a dark-blue color, same with its three subdials. The watch’s hour markers and its two hands have a silver-tone color that blends perfectly with its light brown strap made of calfskin material, making it very durable. Other than that, this watch is water-resistant up to feet or 50 meters. You can now own this good-looking watch for only $ 148.

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791470

This watch is one of the multi-eye watches from the Tommy Hilfiger collection crafted out of perfection just for men. The watch is designed perfectly for a casual style of clothing and even business attire. It is a masculine and sophisticated type of watch that you must have in your collection. 

The case of this watch is made of black stainless steel with a round design of 46 mm size in diameter. It has a black tone dial with hands and hour markers colored in white that would complement its style. The three subdials of this watch have the same style as the mother dial, making it eye-catchy to the crowd. 

This watch’s straps are made of premium leather with a stainless steel buckle, making it long-lasting, even used daily. The watch has a unique water-resistant feature that can live as deep as 50 meters. This Tommy Hilfiger watch is very affordable in the market these days for only $107. 

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791529

This sophisticated design of watch from Tommy Hilfiger is created just for men. This watch can be used on different occasions, but mainly formal ones because of its elegant and luxurious look. The watch assembled using the black Ion-plated steel with a round case covered with scratch-proof crystal measured 46mm in diameter and 10mm by height.

The watch’s dial is made of black steel with the white-tone color of hands and hour markers that blends perfectly with its black dial. Aside from its sophisticated and elegant looking watch, it has a water-resistant feature up to 50 meters. You can have this watch at a reasonable price of $130.


The Tommy Hilfiger brand can not only satisfy your clothing wants, but it can also exceed your expectations when it comes to a wristwatch. Their timepieces are created by professional watchmakers and designers who produce unique, classy, and sophisticated watches for men. 

You can save enough cash now by buying a high-quality watch with Tommy Hilfiger that can give you what you desire in a wristwatch at an affordable and reasonable price without having to compromise its quality and its luxury design.

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