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If you envision the furthest place you can visit on Earth, Pacific paradise island of Guam would probably be one of the candidates. Over 540 square kilometers of tropical vegetation, sandy beaches, and enchanting hills are situated in the southern part of Micronesia. Guam is an unincorporated territory of the United States with troubled World War II past, and it is the closest land to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point observed in oceans. With tropical rainforest climate Guam has similar temperatures throughout the year, making it suitable for vacation. The two main branches of the economy are tourism and American army bases.

Guam vacation activities

Guam is an ideal spot for a dream getaway. Literally, in the middle of the Western Pacific, under a warm tropical sun, the island offers a plethora of activities. You could sit on the beach and enjoy the sun, ocean, and incredible nature. The sea around Guam hides extraordinary beauty with coral reef, abundant marine life, and it is ideal for snorkeling and diving. Another popular activity for tourists that are on vacation on Guam is dolphins watching. Around the island, you can encounter spinner dolphins, smaller species that perform attractive jumps. Sometimes ships spot bottlenose dolphin, pilot, and sperm whales.

Deep-sea fishing is also among popular tourist offers around the island. Tourism is the primary source of income for Guam, and there are a lot of different types of accommodation options. From the small boutique hotel, through Air BNB to big resorts. The latter is most popular among millions of tourists visiting the Pacific island.

Guam resorts all – inclusive

The concept of holiday resorts gives visitors all they need in one place without leaving the premises.  Resorts have exclusive segments of the beach, a variety of pools, parks, playgrounds, and similar relaxing areas. In most cases, the hotel organizes tours and excursions for popular attractions. The perfect vacation for many tourists is all-inclusive resorts that include a rich buffet for all meals, and a selection of complimentary drinks. One of the popular all-inclusive resorts in Guam is Pacific Island Club Guam, situated in Tumon Bay. Although there is no real necessity to leave a resort where everything is tailormade for guests, you should probably explore the main tourist attractions on the island.

Guam tourist attractions

Pagat Cave

Pagat Cave is a secluded treasure you can find after a six miles hike from Ladera Towers in Mangilao. You will have to climb to the hill, and then start a 400-yard slope descent surrounded by thick tropical vegetation. On the way to the cave, you will walk on the scenic coastline and enjoy the impressive views. Once in the cave, the fresh waters will refresh you from the tropical heat. The first chamber has bright, clean water up to the waist, while a larger dark chamber has deep and shallow waters.

Two Lovers Point

A special place for native Chamorro people, Two Lovers Point is an observation point, and one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island. High over the ocean, watching at Tumon bay and the ocean, Two Lower Point sits on top of 400 feet high cliff and offers stunning views.

Tarzan Waterfalls

A 45 minutes trail on the south part of Guam, suitable for the whole family, leads to the Tarzan falls, beautiful, refreshing waterfalls. The location is not ideal for swimming, but it compensates for pure beauty.

Talofofo waterfalls

Even more impressive are the Talofofo waterfalls, the largest among 32 falls on Guam. There is a cable car that provides a stunning view over a 30-foot waterfall.

Mt Lamlam

The highest peak on Guam is just 1332 feet above sea level, but if you look at it as an extension of the nearby Mariana Trench, it has another 36,070 feet, which would make it the highest mountain in the world. Mt Lamlam offers excellent views on the whole island.

Other Guam attractions include the Talafofo Caves, Chamorro village, and Pacific war museum.

Best time to visit Guam

Guam has two seasons, rainy and dry. The wet season is from July to November, and in that time, island have heavy rainfall and occasional typhoon, as well as high humidity and heat. The dry season is from December to June. The best time to visit is the dry season, and most agree that March is the best month to visit. If you do not mind the rain, you could find discounted prices during the wet season.

The current COVID situation means that international travelers to US territory are still banned. That does not mean you cannot fulfill esta form, the first step in the Visa Waiver program that can grant you 90 entry in the US. Check esta application on the website as soon as you begin planning your trip. The ESTA documents are valid for two years, so the administration did not stop the process, regardless of the travel ban and corona pandemic.

Best beaches in Guam

Gun Beach is a beautiful sandy beach with a massive Cliff on the north part and an old gun, which gave the beach its name.

You will have to walk around half a mile to get to the Shark Cove Beach. A large bay with palm trees and beautiful laguna ideal for snorkeling awaits after a hike.

Ritidian is at the northernmost part of an island, and it is both among most pristine and dangerous beaches. Rip currents and ocean conditions can be unsafe for swimmers.

Ypao Beach is in downtown Tumon and its close to the most significant public park. Unlike wild and unreachable pristine beaches, Ypao is ideal for tourists that love bigger crowds.

Gab Gab Beach is part of the US naval base, so you will need base access to get there. This hidden gem is well worth the trouble.

How far is Guam from Hawaii

On the same day, the Japanese army attacked Pearl Harbor, and they captured the island of Guam. After three years of fierce fighting, Americans recaptured the island. The southernmost part of Micronesia is 3,958 miles west of Hawai. You will need an 8-hour flight from Honolulu to reach Guam.


Thousands of small islands of Micronesia are the closest thing to paradise in tourist fantasies about remote Pacific islands. Guam offers natural beauty and attractions, plenty of beaches for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. You can explore the rich history of Guam or learn about Chamorro’s native culture. Guam has plenty of trails and abundance of hotels, resorts, and other forms of accommodation.

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