Top 3 Things To Consider Before Getting Married

Marriage is probably the most beautiful moment in one’s life. Everyone for sure has some expectations from marriage. But before getting married there are some essential things which one should understand and realize to make their Punjabi matrimony experience extraordinary and beautiful. 

It is said that marriage makes one mature and understanding but you should be a little premature to prepare for it. Unnecessarily holding false expectations from marriage may drive you into a state of depression. Hey, but hold on it is not completely disappointing indeed, it is satisfying and lovely. Read the below information to know more about today’s discussion about top things to consider before getting married.

The ‘in-love’ feeling

The ‘in love’ feeling does have fluctuations. True, sometimes you will feel stuck, sometimes you will feel flying. That is probably the beauty of this relation. The need is to understand that even the most beautiful and successful couples in the world go through the same awkward and distressing feeling that disturbs you some time. 

A woman in a survey said, “I was upset with my then marriage, I had to adjust, compromise and argue for the right thing so, I decided to quit but after that event, my life seemed to be aimless. It is without adjustments filled with care, it is without love-showered compromises and it is without the ups and downs of arguing which gave me immense pleasure to be someone’s special. “

It all depends on your perception, once you start feeling every moment and realizing its importance, even the difficult things seem to be easier.

Your spouse is not perfect

Your spouse is your better-half, not your complete one. He/she may have some faults and immaturity but you should understand him/her and try to fill the tiny loopholes between you with extra love and care.

Don’t hold on to unnecessary expectations. People who hold different expectations from Punjabi matrimony suffer a lot. After all, it is a relation, just like other ones, how can it be perfect? It will have some disturbances but try to be smooth and enjoy your married life as much as possible.

Some people think that my spouse will complete me, will fulfill all my needs, will be compassionate. It is nothing but building castles in the air. It is not a complete denial to your expectations but everything has a limit and again no one is perfect. So, you should be equally compassionate, caring, and loving as you expect from your partner. 

Conflicts cannot be eliminated

Accept it, you thought of making your love life smooth and without conflicts, isn’t it? It is time for you to face the reality, they are inevitable. Phew! It is right. Whichever way you try, you will have to face them in your married life. But what you can do is to realize your role in the situation. You need to maintain a balance between conflicts and your love life. Situations may come and go in the second marriage but you have to face them positively.


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