The Best Apps for Employee Monitoring to use in 2023

Find here the list of The Best Employee Monitoring Software/APPS  for the business

All over the world HR managers and business owners use employee monitoring tools for controlling their employee’s work. With a good employee monitoring tool, you can track their productivity and performance.  Plus, they provide data that can be studied for finding patterns, trends, and correlations for getting methods to improve the whole business activity.

Some of the ways the employee monitoring tools help management are –

► They will listen to phone calls.

► They will monitor the activity and email present on social apps.

► They will track the internet activities.

► They will verify the use of emails and websites.

Best Employee Monitoring Tools


ActivTrak is one of the major programs for employee performance control. This is the awesome employee computer monitoring tool having automated alerts. Plus, it has good productivity tracking and user privacy features.


One of the best employee monitoring tools in 2020, is Clever Control. This tool provides total control over staff computers. Plus, it shows the applications that are running, etc. Also, it will even display web surfing activities, social networking, and internet search.


The Teramind is easy to use and simple admin dashboard. The software contains integrated layers and even compliance features. The functionalities are quite advanced and provide reporting and analytic options.

Work Examiner

As one of the easy to use work monitoring software, this provides a full view of Internet usage. Plus it blocks any kind of distracting content. The attendance and computer utilization tracking feature will assist in managing the HR resources.

workplus is one of the best employee monitoring software used to keep eyes on employees activity. It is very easy to use.  Also, it tracks employee activity, time, and productivity to build a more efficient workplace. If you care about a company’s productivity then this type of software will be helpful for you.


The Interguard will record an employee’s activity and even ones that are not connected to the network. This will even avoid data loss through the scanning of the employee’s activity for finding if there are any policy violations.

Also, the tool will provide basic control over remote devices like deleting files and locking the endpoints. It will even provide web content filtering and dashboard customization.


The Timedoctor allows managers to develop invoices within apps. Also, it can provide a mix of project management and employee monitoring features. The Timedoctor is the best tracking tool for establishing the working hours.


Nowadays, the necessity of the employee monitoring tool has increased. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employees working from their homes. So, management would need to monitor them to gain proper productivity and results.

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