Take your BIRKENSTOCKS from day to night

When the day dawns and you open your eyes, what do you think about first? 

What is the first sentence you say? Do you think about where you will go today? 

Each day is a mystery, but, as some say, we live our lives to experience. And to experience, we need to get out of the bed and ultimately – out of the house. And to go out, most of us need shoes! Good shoes make good journeys and vice versa. Wrong shoes will not make any walk pleasant. At BIRKENSTOCKS, they know how to make shoes for people from all walks of life from day to night and from spring to winter. So take your time to look to know what to take out of your shoe shelf before your next journey. 

Here is a helpful selection of fine shoes as the sun passes by.

Sneakers in spring

In spring, nature wakes slowly up from long winter sleep, and we do the same. We want to move, and we want to go out and walk new paths. Comfortably and softly, people want to get active. BIRKENSTOCK offers a lot of great sneakers for women, men, and children.

Sneakers, of course, are all-rounders and can match many occasions, both casual and official, in any season. However, their biggest charm is simplicity and comfort.

Bend Low is a beautiful design for both genders. They come with suede upper and famous BIRKENSTOCKS footbed lining, which are replaceable, developed, and made in Germany. Natural rubber soles guarantee comfort and safety. The extra midsole is added to give wearers more shock absorption. Color options are vast: from khaki through a few browns, greens, and olives to pinks and oranges. Walk in good sneakers and occasionally run too. Take long walks, as your sneakers are for years and years.

Sandals in summer

When the sun shines brightly and is hot, we wish to put as little as possible on our bodies, including our feet. Therefore, BIRKENSTOCK is prepared for the summer perfectly. Whether you are a woman or a man, you will find a great deal of one-strap sandals, two-strap sandals, ankle-strap sandals, thong sandals, and many other types of sandals in their stocks. 

Let’s take a closer look at the famous thongs. 

Thong sandals, like Gizeh, are very well designed and extremely elegant. They have this subtle nomadic or oriental touch to their shape. Feet in Gizeh bring sandy adventure to mind. Obviously, thong sandals are not meant for running or hiking but rather for strolling lazily along a sunny boulevard or a beach. Put bare feet to thong sandals and start a real test of the quality. Automatically shaped footbed made from natural suede lining will take the shape of each unique foot and will absorb as much sweat as needed to get rid of it simultaneously. Oiled nubuck leather is in the upper, and this can’t look more solid, gentle, and elegant. Metal buckle at each tong makes the sandals totally adjustable for the highest comfort. Stroll carefree; your feet are in good shape.

Lace-up in autumn

Autumn is rich. Best goodies from the gardens come in autumn. It is also a rainy season and time of winds and falling leaves in many countries. We all need good shoes when it gets dark and wet outside. Again BIRKENSTOCKS provides a solution, which is lace-up shoes. Jackson model is warm and full. They are water-resistant boots. As the greatest travelers say, ‘there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. With Jackson boots on, don’t be afraid of rain or mud any longer. They have anti-sleep robust rubber soles to guarantee a good grip. The upper is made of hydrophobic, well-oiled nubuck natural leather, and this is a miracle. When well maintained, these shoes will keep your feet away from moisture and cold for many autumns. Very light soles produced from synthetic materials make the boots nearly unnoticeable and light, as all shoes should be. So go and sing in the rain.

Shearling Boots in winter

Low temperatures, snow, and little sunlight don’t invite outside. Fortunately, with some help from BIRKENSTOCKS, it is easier. So put on your Bryson Shearling – ladies, or Marton Shearling – gents, and enjoy January or December. Ladies can choose pleasant color like hunter green, and men will find this model in black. These shoes are unique and suitable for cold winter days and nights with cozy shearling lining and padding. This works – feet are well protected by hydrophobic upper made from oiled suede. Feel elegant in rustic design in many winters

Slippers all year

While at home, we need to feel comfy and safe. Hot tea and the best slippers will always do. BIRKENSTOCK has them for all. Amsterdam Vegan is a good choice for any season. These cozy and soft clogs with extended shafts are mild in summer and mild in winter. Walk around your house in a beautiful, totally animal-free, comfortable product. The upper is manufactured from organic-looking synthetic felt. 

Relax and do nothing; your world is taking care of you because you took good care of it. The laws of nature were set here eons ago. Days follow nights, and seasons follow each other in perfect harmony and order. The sun rules on the sky, and you rule in your BIRKENSTOCKS shoes. Some call it heaven on Earth.

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