The summer starter kit Ideas

Now that the heat will be on after a couple of months, start building up your summer special starter kit for your skincare arsenal for a counter strike. Summers and the sun have a veritable amount of assault on your skin and hair too. This probably you’re not aware of. From sun rashes to light eruptions to heat rashes to sun damage, it is almost a battle ground out there. You can find all set of checklist items for summer with amazing Nykaa Coupons online which will be giving you price saving deals always.

Here is your basic and essential starter kit to beat the heat.

The ideal checklist

  • Sunscreen lotion is your best friend and is your ultimate saviour the entire summers. Do not forget to stock in the sunscreens entire summers. Carry one in your bag. This is the best bet against sun protection. Don’t cut corners here. Pick a nice broad spectrum sunblock. This might fall heavy on your pockets but is worth the investment. While shopping for one, look for words like matte, SPF 30 or SPDF 50, non comedogenic, if not more.
  • Update your face cleanser to a matte one. Buy one that reduces and cuts down on oil production on your skin. Look for ingredients like glycolic acid with neutral fragrance. Toners with fragrance are always hard on skin. The one with very light or no fragrance is the perfect one to pick.
  • Follow these steps everyday while going to bed – exfoliate and hydrate. Exfoliating your face minimum to one time a day is a must. Use a nice mild face scrub that works best on dirt and blackheads and of course your skin too. Hydrate your skin with a mild toner and then a hydrating serum or a cream.
  • Switch to a light hydrator. Avoid oily creams if your skin is ace prone.
  • Get a good facial mist spray. This will hydrate your skin and will keep it oil free and radiant.
  • A night repairing cream is a must buy. Search for good brands. Forget that old cold cream. It does no benefit other than moisturising. You need a night repairing cream or a serum that will repair your skin from the damage that has been done during the day. You can explore checking some of best amazing products lined up online with Body Shop Coupons.
  • Pick a summer essential face mask. When picking one, opt for the ones with fuller’s earth, hyaluronic acid, bentonite, tea tree, lavender or camomile. These are the best ones for summers.
  • Stock up on facial wet wipes too. Just remember to pick an alcohol free wipes.
  • A water based make up remover is also a must.

Keep it cool 

To cool your skin down, ice bag is the best thing to possess. This is the best home remedy that can do wonders to your sun barged skin. Take a few ice cubes; wrap it in a clean kerchief. Now apply it all over your face, neck and eyes too. The relaxation you will get post this home remedy treatment is worth million dollars; I second you.

Use fresh aloe Vera gel to soothe down your skin.

Also do not forget to include water rich fruits in your diet. Eat a lot of papaya, water melon, oranges and kiwis .during the summers. Eating water rich fruits also take good care of your skin. Drink plenty of coconut water in summers. It has anti-inflammatory properties that cools down the acidity formed in your stomach.

The bottom line 

Avoid chemical based skin treatments like chemical peeling or nay laser treatment. They may appear to be doing well to your skin but in actual; they do no good but only harm your skin in longer run.

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