The top 6 stories currently in the entertainment industry you NEED to know!

If you are trying to stay up to date on the latest TV shows, the latest flicks to binge on Netflix, and what is happening with your favorite actress or actor, then you need to stay current with the entertainment news around the globe. After all, what was the name of the person that you loved in the Hulu show you watched yesterday? By being able to figure out who is who, what is happening in the entertainment industry, and what to keep an eye out for, you will never miss the next tv show, movie, or next big thing in the entertainment world! 

Top 6 entertainment stores – read the Times of Nashik to stay current and informed!

Do you love reading up on Kim Kardashian? Are you obsessed with TikTok dance trends? If so, consider reading the Times of Nashik to stay up to date on the latest entertainment news regarding TV, movies, pop culture, and celebrities!

Billie Eilish and the male double standard

One of the biggest breaking news stories is the famous pop singer, Billie Eilish, addressing how the music industry is male-dominated and there are double standards when it comes to men and women – and we couldn’t agree more. 

Escaping Captivity movie

Kara Robinson, a kidnapping survivor, is in the new movie Escaping Captivity. During this intense movie, she describes the harrowing tale of how she survived nearly 20 hours of torture at the hands of her abductor. Read more on Times of Nashik to get the inside scoop. 

Harry Styles’ dating advice for everyone!

Known for being in the band One Direction, Harry Styles has since moved into becoming a fashion icon, heartthrob, pop singer in his own right, and advocate for LGBTQ rights. Let’s hear Harry Styles’ dating advice to learn about what to say and what not to say on the first date!

Tiger King 2?

Surely you have heard of or binged the entire season of Tiger King. This famous Netflix show rose to prominence during the beginning of the pandemic – the best time for a new show to come out! With the wild characters, crazy plot twists, and interesting cinematography, we couldn’t get enough. There may be a second season premiering soon! Check out the release date on Times of Nashik! 

Meghan and Harry are in the spotlight once more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out of their home after their child’s birth for the first time. We couldn’t be happier that they seem to be living a relaxing and more low-key lifestyle after leaving the Royal family in the United Kingdom!

Is Broadway possible during Covid?

Yes, singing and playing on Broadway is possible during Covid – it’s just different. There has been a recent story about what it is like to return to the main stage during the global epidemic. 


Staying up to date by reading the latest celeb news, tv information, and movie reviews is key when it comes to choosing what to watch during your next Netflix binge! Stay current by reading Times of Nashik about your favorite celebs in the entertainment world. 

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