5 Statistical Tests Every Developer Should Know

Statistical analysis is very important for a game developer to know and to provide a quality gaming experience to the gamers. There are lots of statistics that you will find that need to be testified before you develop a game or while developing a game.

Here we’ve picked up the most valuable statistical tests from the basket to discuss here that a game developer needs to put on his head before developing a game. There are so many statistics that work behind like valuable factors in the gaming market.

However, you’ll find several approaches to analyze statistics that will be useful for the users. You can store and analyze every interaction of the user. There are lots of data that you could need while developing a game but sifting through them would take too long to be useful. So, let’s discuss 5 statistical tests every developer should know.

5 Statistical Tests Every Developer Should Know

In terms of developing high quality and high performing gaming software, there is no way out of testing the program in several methods so that there remains no bugs or errors in the software. Here are 5 statistical tests every developer should know while approaching to develop a game. Besides, you can also visit https://10scopes.com/video-game-statistics/ for more and updated information.

Combinatorial Testing:

This is a combination testing method to a game that provides a better quality game, cost-reducing, test execution efficiency,and better phase containment. However, the parameters that we’ve calculated here are picked in terms of gaming characters, functions, settings, customizations, and others.

Moreover, it identifies the distinct attributes that can vary either in data or in combination. This process systematically generates the combination for testing, which includes category partition testing.  Last but not least, it also includes catalog and pair based testing.

Clean Room Testing:

In a software development process, this cleanroom testing process is so important. So, it’s undeniable that this parameter is recognized to develop software with a great reliability level. Programming is the key process in developing a game.

It begins after formal specification. So, in this step, design rectification, statistical, and mathematical reasoning are crucial factors. Every testing process has its own aim and does so cleanroom testing. The actual aim of this kind of testing is to produce less defected software. Sometimes so many bugs are found while testing the software developing process. They find the bugs and resolve them while the process of cleanroom testing is operated.

Functionality Testing:

Functionality testing refers to the method to identify the bugs or the errors in a gaming program that may hinder the users’ smooth using experience. The applications need to work according to the specification, and it mostly determines whether it is working accordingly.

This testing process is a bit complex compared to other testing methods. As the testing process includes looking for errors or bugs in playing issues, graphics issues, audio-video issues, and the process may take too much time.

It provides validation whether the installation process is going smoothly, the app is working while minimized, allowing social networking options, supporting payment gateways, and many more in a gaming app.

Compatibility Testing:

After functionality testing, if it passes the stage, it proceeds for compatibility testing to check whether the game is functioning properly or not, with respect to the hardware, graphics, and software configuration.

It is one of the very important testing processes in gaming app testing services where it is to be checked whether the game title can run on specific devices.  It ensures the high-quality screen resolution of the devices where it will run.

It also ensures that all the program’s texts and the user guide are readable for all of the users. That testing shows the compatibility between different testing environments and confirms the program’s workability and stability that is used in the software.

The most important part of this testing process is that it ensures that the software meets all the demands and requirements set by the developing firm and the end-users.

Regression testing

When the compatibility testing is finished, it comes to another testing process, which is called regression testing. However, you can consider this testing as one of the vital parts of gaming software.

Moreover, this process ensures the retest of the unchanged result of characters. When more functions are added to software development, it is to be ensured that those new functions are not creating any new errors or any vulnerabilities to the software.

This is the process to re-run the tests that have been conducted previously. Precisely, one can identify the difference between the current and previous results.

So, you can determine the quality of any product through this testing. It can be run to verify the overall usability of the final product. Moreover, it saves time as it detects a bug at the starting stage by itself. No additional bug detector is required here.

Final words

Knowing those facts that the testing process in developing games is very important, what do you think should be in the main focus of game testing? Is it reality or vision? A game development firm needs to spend most of the time in the testing process rather than any other software development as most of the time, and it becomes more challenging due to the different components.

In case you have a better plan, it is not certain that the implementation will work accordingly. Every developer should know those 5 Statistical tests will be the key points regarding developing high performance and high-quality gaming software.

So, the users eventually want to experience better quality and performance than before. Those testing procedures allow the developer to process better and error-free software and provide a smooth gaming experience to the end-user.

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