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Do you have a business plan in your mind you wish to start? Before you can do that, you have to know that there is a certain process you need to follow for you to run your business legally. You wouldn’t want your company to get filed with a warrant for opening up a business without filing the proper legal documents.

Unless your business is a legit one, you need to file those important documents so you won’t have any issues such as filing taxes properly. With a Business Registration Service, it can help you file all important files and documents for your business. You can register your business online, which is convenient, especially if you don’t want to hassle yourself going to multiple offices just to submit the required documents.

The Registration Process

Registering your business online is the same process as registering in any other office. The only difference is you can register your business at the comfort of your home. Once you visit the website where you’ll be registering, all you need to do is fill up the necessary information, and they are all given to you at once.

When you visit the office to register your company, you’re usually going to be waiting in line or get an appointment to meet with an executive who will receive your documents. And even then, it’ll probably take them days or even weeks to process and give you feedback about the status of your documents.

What to Register?

You’ll be amazed to hear that you can give all of your entire details in an business registration online Service.  These important details include:
  • Company name – The name that you’ll be using for your company and it will be checked if it’s available to use or if it’s in conflict with an existing company with the same name.
  • Key people – You have to register the names of directors and secretaries in your company. You also need to give out each of their details, such as date of birth, and residential address.
  • Registered Office Address – This information is where your company is located in Australia. You’ll be able to receive notices from ASIC with this address. Using a PO Box isn’t accepted, but you can use your accountant or solicitor’s address with written consent.
  • Shareholders – You have to choose who your shareholders will be in your company. You also have to supply their address, the type of shares they’ll own, and share the split per shareholder.

What Do You Get After Registering?

Once you’ve filled out all of the details for your company, and within a few minutes, you’ll receive official ASIC documents. These documents will include your Australian Company Number (ASIC), Register of Members, ASIC Certificate of Incorporation, Constitution, Member Consent Forms, Copy of Form 201, and the Share Certificates. All of these documents are important for you to start your company legally.

Final Thoughts About Online Registration

When you have friends or families asking how you started your business so quickly and easy, you can tell them it was all done because of using an online Business Registration Service. You’ll have everything you need to start your company the right way on a single website. No more getting out of the house or hiring people just to pass those important documents to several offices.

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