Staging a Home for a Quick and Lucrative Sale

Staging a home for sale is optional, at least in theory. Reality says differently, though. Today’s market is extremely competitive, so you would need every advantage you can get. And with a decision as big as selling your home, you should not spare any expense to get a return of investment.

Why Is Home Staging Important?

Home staging involves showcasing the best features of your house. It is designed to entice potential buyers from the moment they walk in until they leave the front door. A successfully staged home will sell more quickly and at a much higher value than one that is not staged. If you do not want to settle for a lower selling price or spend too much time on the listing, you should invest in home staging.

Many real estate agents report that a well-staged home for sale fetches 6% to 10% more in terms of market value. It also decreases the amount of time a property spends on the market by 39%. But beyond all the numbers, you need only to rely on personal experience to realise the need to stage a home for sale. You would also want a property presented at its absolute best, something you can easily visualise as your own.

With a minimal amount of time and money needed, staging a home for sale is possibly the most profitable step. Potential buyers, especially young families on the market looking for a new or first home, are not only looking for a place to stay but live. This is what staging a home can give them: the possibility of fulfilling their dream and living the lifestyle they envision for themselves.

How to Stage Your Home for Sale

It is not necessary to stage all parts of your house equally, as not all rooms have the same impact on a potential buyer’s decision-making. If you are working on a limited budget, you can focus on the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. You have to keep the entire house clean, especially the kitchen. If you could not afford new appliances, make sure your old ones are spotless. In the bathroom, make everything look as fresh as possible. Ensure to remove all dirt from the corners of the tub, drain, and even behind the toilet.

When staging your home, you may want to put away personal items, such as family photos, used toys, refrigerator art, or items with family members’ names. Remember that you are selling them a place they can envision themselves in, not just other people’s homes. Also, you may want to remove all odours such as the aroma of last night’s dinner, a damp bathroom smell, or any other possible sources. A neat trick is serving a cinnamon-coated bread or lighting vanilla-scented candles.

Another thing to get rid of when staging a home for sale is clutter. It can distract the potential buyer from your home’s essential features. It can also make the area look smaller than it really is. Do not put them away in the closet, though; it is one thing people check when hunting a house.

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