Skills, Tips & Tricks for Celebrity Stylists

“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable,” rightly says Donna Karan, an American fashion designing icon, encapsulating the intricacies of dressmaking, designing, and accessorising.

Red carpet premieres, film festivals, and the events accompanying awards seasons are bookended with show-stopping looks, astounding dress codes, and dresses fitting like a glove. No matter what the event is, it takes a village to nail the perfect look and celebrity stylists are the ones who deliver a slew of utterly unique and gorgeous outfits to complement the celebrities at work.

Once relegated to the green rooms, celebrity stylists are stepping into the limelight, and the job is sought-after today. If you want to become a fashion wizard, styling celebrities and pairing dream dresses with eccentric accessories, this is the article for you.

What Skills Do You Need?

Before diving into how to become a celebrity stylist, let us have a look at some of the must-have skills.

Being a celebrity stylist isn’t just red carpet glamour and big-ticket events; it is about creativity, taste, and style. While you will develop your unique style as you grow in the industry, your mind should be a powerhouse of creative ideas, and you must have a knack for fabrics, colours, and couture. Besides, just like any other domain, celebrity styling also requires years of experience and dedication to perfect the craft.

Now, here are some tips and tricks to floor the picture-perfect attire as a celebrity stylist.

Personal or Editorial – Take Your Pick

In the fashion industry, stylists essentially belong to three camps: personal, commercial, or editorial. As a personal stylist, you will help your celebrity clients build a signature look. You will execute and enhance the visual theme and appeal of your celebrity brand as a commercial stylist. And as an editorial stylist, you will develop stunning aesthetics for ad campaigns, press tours, and magazine photoshoots your celebrity client does.

Before hopping on a career avenue, it is best to receive formal training and brush up on your basics. Nowadays, Indian colleges are brimming with fashion styling courses. Institutes such as Pearl Academy offers a four-year-long professional diploma in Fashion Styling, and Image Design Course packed with a hands-on approach, industry exposure, and an all-inclusive curriculum.

Assist and Intern; Learn From the Best

Have you ever wondered how exciting it would be interning under someone as iconic as Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada? Well, as thrilling as it will be, interning and assisting big labels and renowned stylists are deemed very crucial for aspiring celebrity stylists.

To dress celebrities, you must be adept in colour blending clothes, picking outfits, and accessorising the client. The required expertise comes from extensive work experience through independent projects, study tours, masterclasses, internships, couture ateliers, etc.

Build Connections, Nurture Relationships!

Making connections and building a well-knit network goes a long way in becoming successful as a celebrity stylist. Whether it is a photographer you worked with on your first assignment or an accessory designer who accessorised your favourite celebrity client, stay connected with them all. Networking is especially crucial when you’re starting out because you never know which chance encounter will land you your dream celebrity.

Hone Your Own Aesthetic

While you should know the biggest spring and summer styling trends from Chanel and Prada like the back of your hand and live and breathe the celebrity couture, developing your unique style is indispensable. Learn from imaginative design collections across the industry but gradually start executing a styling code with your vision.

A career in celebrity styling is lucrative and exciting if one knows and values the craft. If you have creativity, exceptional communication skills, and unwavering commitment, the floor is all yours.

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