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Being a movie lover I have a propensity to discover every newly released movie or previously released movie on my weekend. I have a craze for watching movies and in this era, there are so many restrictions that block movie lovers like me from watching movies online free of the cast without any legal restrictions. But the question arises here “How to watch free movies online?” and I have a very perfect solution for it which I am using for any time.

Showbox, have you heard the name “ShowBox” ever? You might have heard of it, and you are already streaming a movie through ShowBox, but for those who are still striving from the situation that there is no way to stream movies online free and safely, this is for you. For having a fun time with your near and dear ones with “ShowBox” streaming, you will need a good projector that suits your budget or a smart TV, right? So let’s start with smart TV, Smart TV is something that has drastically increased its repute in the recent decade. After the popularity of Android OS, smart TVs have taken the place of old fatty, in fact, Belly Fat screen TVs, yeah that’s a call for them. Now LED TVs overtaking the old ones even LCD and TFT are too old now. Now it’s the era of curved 3D TVs.

So here in this post, I am specifically focused on LG smart TVs. LG has proven itself in smart TV technology. We will get through the “ShowBox for LG Smart TV” in this post, but I am going to reveal some interesting facts, tips, and tricks for movie streaming lovers. Never get lost, ShowBox is here. Aww, I think that’s too dramatic, okay let’s start with smart TV and then we also cover Android devices and tablets as well.

Is ShowBox for LG Smart TV something you are looking for?

Earlier I have explained a little about smart TVs and their revolution, now have a look at LG smart TVs. One of the best features I admire of LG smart TVs is their widespread output. LG smart TVs cover almost every inch of streaming content whether it is a 240p or 4K resolution. LG Smart TVs magnificently provide a better visual experience together with audio. So when it comes to streaming movies online, I personally strongly recommend ShowBox, Showbox for smart TV is as necessary as an internet connection with a smartphone. Showbox for LG smart TV is purely for Movie lovers. Now stream beyond the limits with ShowBox.

Guide To Install ShowBox For Your Smart TV

STEP 1: Download the Showbox app from a trusted Website

STEP 2: Go to Settings and Enable The Unknown Source

STEP 3:  Open the ShowBox app that you Download Earlier

STEP 4: Start Installation

STEP 5: Once Installation Complete go to Main Menu for video search and download from your smart TV.

Can I download ShowBox on my LG Smart TV?

Yes, a big YES! You can easily download and install Showbox on your LG smart TV, it is as easy as cake. One thing I certainly would like to clarify here that is although I am suggesting ShowBox for LG smart TV keep in mind that other Smart TV manufacturers are pretty good too, I would like to mention some others too like Panasonic, Samsung, Hisense, etc. Showbox for Panasonic smart TV is my second suggestion and Showbox for Samsung smart TV is my third suggestion for ShowBox. Also, you may like to know about kuttymoviesthe collection for quick movie downloads.

How to Enable Unknown Sources on LG Smart TV?

Note: I am not supporting any other 3rd Part app for smart TVs, third-party apps may harm your OS and the whole system indeed.

As you know Showbox apps for movies are not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download them from a third-party source and then install it on your Smart TV.

To do so you have to permit third-party apps that are to be installed in your Smart TV’s OS.

Follow the steps and get access to ShowBox for LG smart TV

  1. Go to the Home screen, then to Apps icon > Settings.
  2. Now Do the following Options that might vary on different device and OS versions.


    1. Security
    2. Fingerprints & security
    3. Lock screen and security


After Pressing one of the above Options Now Do the following:

  • Now Tap on the Unknown sources to enable or disable it.
    you need to enable it to install third-party apps.
  • Press on the Unknown Sources switch to turn it on or off.

You need to on it.

  1. Read the disclaimer Pop-up and then tap OK.


It cannot be denied that Smart TVs provide entertainment at a high level. You can watch Movies in 4K resolutions with hi-fi stereo surround sound busted features. Their color accuracy cannot be beaten. However, smartphones are also used for streaming movies and online TV as well but the real value can only be achieved from Smart TV, and apps like ShowBox doubles the fun. Try ShowBox for LG smart TVs and give me your feedback in the comments. Thanks!

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