Why you should play gta san andreas

Many gamers agree that GTA San Andreas is one of the most exciting open-world games ever released. Over a period of 16 years, this video game has thrilled enthusiasts and sold more than 27 million copies! Its main character is Carl, a former gang banger who returns home after his mother got killed in a shootout. He embarks on a mission to get revenge on those who took his mother’s life.

GTA San Andreas provides you with numerous missions that Carl can complete in his search for vengeance. There are cars, bicycles, motorbikes, rifles, pistols, explosives and even some Non-Player Characters (NPCs) to help you complete each mission successfully. Originally developed for PS2, GTA San Andreas is now available for PC and Android smart devices. We have compiled some compelling reasons why you should play gta san andreas.

Huge open world map packed with a variety

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has one of the biggest open-world maps in the gaming industry. The huge map contains three cities including San Fierro, Los Santos and Las Venturas. The landscapes include cityscapes in the urban centers, dense forests in Whetstone and barren desert in the Northern Frontier. The game’s plot takes place in each of the cities. Carl begins in Los Santos and proceeds to the other two cities as he gains money, power and respect. The huge map and excellent progression is a major reason why you should play this game.

A great soundtrack

Most of the time you’ll be driving when playing GTA San Andreas. As such, the game has an enormous variety of radio stations for your entertainment. They play music from all genres for example Radio Los Santos plays hip hop music while radio K-DST plays classic rock hosted by Axl Rose. If you enjoy talk shows, the game provides radio WCTR for your news, advertisements and programmes. The game is developed such that the radio content changes depending on your progress. Due to this structure, you will not be listening to the same content repeatedly. Even better, GTA San Andreas PC version enables you to create your own radio station! 

You can customize the main character

Within GTA San Andreas, you can easily customize Carl to make him look exactly as you would wish! You can change his clothes from top to bottom. An interesting feature is that your respect meter changes depending on the clothes that Carl wears. For example, if you dress him in Grove Street Green color, he’ll have more respect in the streets of Los Santos and recruit more members in his gang. You can also change his appearance through diet. Eating constantly will have Carl looking chubby and when this happens, you can take him to the gym. There, a good workout will reduce his fat meter and improve his strength as well as stamina. These transformations add a good dose of personalization and realism to the game.

Easter Eggs

With a huge open-world setting to work with, Rockstar definitely had a lot of fun inserting Easter Eggs into GTA San Andreas. These are clues or references to other GTA games or competitor tiles tucked into the game play scenes. A proud example is Claude, the main protagonist in sequel GTA III who appears as a rival race car driver in a mission within GTA San Andreas. There are also some mini characters from GTA Vice CIty situated in Zero’s RC Shop. The developers also poked fun at competitor games such as True Crime: Streets of LA that is parodied as the cleaning company, “True Grime: Street Cleaners” on a billboard in GTA San Andreas!

The jetpack

There are very many ways to get around in GTA San Andreas and the most amazing one is a jetpack. Carl can simply put it on and fly high above everything else while pursuing his missions. You can get the jetpack towards the end of the game after completing the Black Project mission. Alternatively, you can get it by using a cheat code. While it leaves Carl exposed to gunfire, the jetpack provides a unique way to view the city’s skyline and even complete drive-bys in an iconic way!


GTA San Andreas is an excellent game for the open-world enthusiast. By manipulating the actions and activities of Carl, you can build a criminal empire spanning three cities over the course of the game. We have explored the most exhilarating reasons to play GTA San Andreas above. If you are looking for some good old fashioned crime action, look no further than this title from Rockstar Games!

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