Top Tips to Optimize Task Management and to Increase Productivity

The task management process consists of using methods so that the main aspects of the task (deadline, effort, objective) are well managed. There are several possible (and necessary) steps for good management that can reconcile the human, technical and organizational aspects of tasks within the project. In this context, the task management software plays a key role to automate the process.

We set up a step-by-step with 4 steps for you to optimize your team’s task management today. Follow each step, take notes and see how to put it into practice right now:

List and categorize all of your tasks that need attention

The first step in efficient task management is to be clear about everything that needs to be done. Start by making a list of all pending tasks of any action. When you are clear about all pending tasks, categorize between emergent, urgent, on-time and planned tasks. From there start to delegate and execute whatever is necessary.

Organize your tasks and set deadlines

Deadline tasks may end up not making sense and not generating all the expected result. Therefore, organize your tasks according to deadlines and break very large tasks into small parts, so that it is possible to systematize the progress of the steps.

Still following the example of software development, separating a task into smaller parts can make everything clearer, so that each person can use their skills to perform a certain part of the task.

Communicate to the team

Task management only makes sense when everyone involved understands how it will work. Therefore, after listing and categorizing tasks and organizing them according to deadlines, communicate to the team about how management will be done. A successful team is one that understands the company’s task management and works accordingly.

Choose a system to manage your tasks

Task management has always been challenging. Currently, however, the speed with which changes take place has made the practice even more intense. Managers and leaders have increasingly left the use of different spreadsheets to rely on task management systems that include all the processes involved. Today there are systems that integrate the entire team, tasks and different projects. Choosing the task management software for your task management is a fundamental part!

Key task management techniques to increase your productivity

We have separated three techniques that offer a lot of results in terms of productivity, and will help you to do your task management.

Justin Methodology

It must be started the night before the day the tasks are performed. It consists of dividing a sheet of paper into three equal parts – from top to bottom. In the first part you write three life goals; in the second, three goals of the week; in the third, activities that you need to perform throughout the day (maximum 10).

Tags of time

It consists of organizing all the tasks of the day using time tags (such as 15 minutes, half an hour, 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours). Before you start producing the tasks for the day, you distribute the tags according to your time duration forecast. Thus, when there is time between appointments, it is only possible to allocate a task already tagged by time.

Metallization of achievements

A big problem in the busy world is not to celebrate (and remember) the small achievements of the productive day to day. The achievement tantalization technique consists of listing your achievements over the course of a week and organizing them into three categories: 1) WOW, for complex tasks completed over the week; 2) BIGGER, for future goals that bring personal development 3) ETC, random moments of your daily life that deserve to be remembered.

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