New trends in leather coats which made news this Fall

The leather coats have certainly become a fashion investment and long-term personality statement and in the modern era. For years, the Leather coats have been the uniform of cool guys. This season also witnessed leather trench coats as the leading trend, making all the right noises in this Fall-Winter collection season.

Also regarded, as a timeless wardrobe essential, Men’s soft, black leather full length trench coats have in fact never gone out of style and considerations! These leather trench coats, dates back to the World War I era kitted out for battle-weary soldiers as multi-functional field jackets. Considered as fashion classics, these leather trench coats for men have successfully been able to endure through several decades. Throughout several eras, these Trench Coats have visited as a recurring feature in the fashion world, and have been appreciated for their classic forms and functionalities by people of all tastes.  Moreover, they provide extreme longevity and durability in the ease of use. One can adore these leather apparels with just about anything, from plaid shirts, T-shirts, jeans to dress pants and a tie. No Surprise, why after all these years, they have been able to retain themselves as a cornerstone of several well-edited outerwear collections.


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The fashion statement

In fashion terms, these leather trench coats for men have successfully gone on to win the style war. These traditional structured styled leather trench coats do create potentially intimidating appearances, with a buttery soft feeling within even in the present day times. In recent times these trench coats have become synonymous with comfort and sophistication, more associated with preen and pouting. They have been particularly successful in a great way to express one style while remaining warm, robust, durable, enduring and classic. These leather trench coats have clocked-up countless appearances on the silver screen and glossy pages of fashion periodicals in the present fall season as well, adorning the shoulders of various supermodels and celebrities. Today, its popularity on the catwalks and the High Street shows that there are negligible signs of waning in near future also.


Leather jackets with additional designs are trending this season

Several styles are also in the offerings from the jacket with oversized lapels, to a bomber with a fitted waistband and sleeves, or motocross jacket with an elfin collar.  In the professional arena, the double-breasted coats have been able to secure space in most of the professional’s men work wardrobe. Leather jackets with zippered or long trench coats with button closures, two to multiple pocket jackets are also in demand.  Some of the popular length trends decking the jacket trends include waist length, three-quarter length and trench coat length. Apart, one must know about women Dressing in Modern Society.


Get stylish with the colourful leather jackets

In the color section – black, gray (charcoal grays) and navy continues to remain as timeless options, however, recent times have witnessed modest experimentation with color and patterns this season. Burgundy, maroon and scarlet shades have become popular; the traditional earth tones of Khaki are also back. While a few revamped versions have been more innovative in featuring crafted leather, however, for a significant part the trench has remained true to its heritage in classic khaki-colored gabardine also. In female categories, the colored leather coats such as dark-blue, bright-red and pink jackets mixed in with stripes, grays and a monochromatic palette have been trending successfully. However, also during the recent times, the brown leather jackets have gone out as out-of-fashion stocks.


Different fittings and variations gave it more popularity this fall

Slim fit, straight fit and loose leather jackets add the perfect look to showcase your curve through the jacket. All the ladies out there, now you can look chic and flaunt your curves with the perfect slim fit jackets.  They are very comfortable and easy to carry over any outfit.

This fall leather jacket is just the right investment to do!

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