10 Myths about Higher Education

There have been a lot of misconceptions about higher education. A lot of myths have flooded the world of higher education with rising uncertainties of what actually is exists in these circles. There are those who believe that higher education is a waste of time while there are those who value it as a key pillar for their success in life. In the movie world, there is the belief that being in college is about partying and that things are too easy where one is allowed to do what they want. Well, a lot goes in there and one can be lost in trying to understand what is there to believe about higher education. Here are 10 myths to demystify about higher education!

More learning is achieved through More Homework

Many students resort to My Homework Done services for help with their assignments because it is too much than they can bear. It doesn’t necessarily translate to meaningful learning at the end of it all. Homework assignments are very common in colleges and in universities. However, it doesn’t mean that there is going to be automatic success solely depended on their existence. It takes more than homework for students to learn.


Universities are Mindful of your Success in Education

Not quite. Actually, it’s pure business for some.  They spend a lot of money doing advertising and are expecting to get a good return for their investment. Even though they will offer teaching and guidance, it is upon the students to work around what is offered to ensure that they succeed in their learning. No one will push you in an effort to make you achieve the best. It is entirely the responsibility of a student pursue excellence.


Higher Education will get you what you paid for

Not necessarily. It takes more than being in the college to get what you paid for after school. Going through a certain course in college and spending a lot of money on it doesn’t mean you will recoup all that when you secure a job in that line after school. Although this may happen, it is not guaranteed because it will require you to be an all-round person and not in academics alone to realize success after school.


American Colleges are Simply the Best

That is a thing of the past now. Actually, they rank below the 10th position around the world based on those with higher education between the ages of 25 and 35. It is not a must to go study in America for quality education. There are other learning opportunities all around the world and one could still get good education there. A lot of options now exist for those who want to pursue higher education anywhere.


Good Grades are what Counts throughout college

Student’s assessment, growth and development are not entirely depended on good grades. Getting an “A” is not enough to determine whether you are going to be successful in your higher education and in life. There are other interests that matter in the society especially on the applicability of what you learnt in school. It is a big tragedy to be narrowly minded in pursuing good grades alone leaving out life skills needed to complement your academics.


Teachers are the best resources to use

With the advent of technology and the internet, resources outside the classroom setting have contributed to greater performance than when students relied on teachers’ input alone. You will be flowing a dangerous path to think that all the help you need to succeed will only come from your teachers. There are many other great resources available online and in research centres to help those pursuing higher education to succeed on all fronts.


Private Colleges Lack Diversity because they are for the Wealthy

Anyone can afford private colleges. If you really want to pursue your education in a higher institution of learning, a private college could still work for you. There are all kinds of students in private colleges drawn from different backgrounds. They are not for the rich alone. Actually, the demographics in private colleges are somewhat comparable to those in public universities.


All you need are 4 years to go through the system

There are those who enrol for 4 years but end up taking more than that due to different reasons. To move from one level to another, one must pass the requisite examinations. In some cases, that may not happen and that means, students who fail in their examinations will be required to retake that year. Again, based on the type of course you take, it may take you more or less than 4 years to finish college.


You don’t need a College Degree to Succeed in Life

This may happen to only a few isolated cases that cannot be used to draw a meaningful conclusion. College education is not a waste of time. It is a great place for learning and getting a new world perception to help learners throughout their lives. Therefore, it really helps to be enlightened in this manner because there are many lessons to learn both inside and outside the classroom, an experience you may not get anywhere else.


Expensive Colleges come with Better Education and Guaranteed Success

Quality education is not measured by money. There are still affordable institutions offering quality learning for their students. What is important is the mindset of the learner. Affording the fees for expensive colleges is not a guarantee you will succeed in life. There is your part to play and that is what makes the difference. There is no shortcut to success. You must earn it and therefore, no amount of money can replace that.

Final Thoughts  : Higher education is highly misunderstood around the world. Unless one has been through it, they may not quite get to understand what goes in there. These myths are some of the notions people have about it and need to be clarified.  They are just fables and not a true reflection of what higher education is all about.

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