10 Must Have EMS Items For EMTs And Paramedics

There are 10 must have EMS items for EMTs and Paramedics in the medical field that guarantee smooth working operation. With these items, proper care is assured.

EMTs and Paramedics go through immense challenges in line of duty. They put in a lot of long hours intending to deliver the care that is required. There is a wide range of EMS Pants for EMT’s and Paramedics available in the market that can be used while on duty.

You need to understand the 10 must have EMS items for EMTs and Paramedics to deliver exceptional care. Different tools and equipment are being invented every day to ensure that patients receive the best medically. It is essential that quality items be used for they will deliver reliable results.

10 must have EMS items for EMTs and Paramedics

It goes without saying that Paramedics and EMTs have one of the most challenging jobs in the universe. It is an exhausting occupation that requires selflessness and a lot of patience. In addition to that, they are required to carry with them a basic of 10 must have EMS items for EMTs and Paramedics critical on the job. With these items, it comes easier to provide the much needed care any day, any time.

It would be best if you were always aimed at delivering quality care as an EMT or Paramedic. That is the best way to ensure that any patient that passes through your hands doesn’t lose their life due to a lack of the right equipment. Avoid carrying EMS items that you will not require; instead, focus on those that are used regularly. Be prepared for anything that the day will throw at you by having these essential EMS items.

Here is a list of 10 must have EMS items for EMTs and Paramedics that should always be on standby;

1.     Stethoscope

It is easy to identify a medical professional with a stethoscope around their neck. This is a vital tool that listens to breath sounds enabling you to make an informed diagnosis. With that, you will understand the effective way to treat your patient. With a quality stethoscope, you will not only hear breath sounds but also blood pressures.

2.     Watch

A watch is an essential item for it helps in checking vital signs. It indicates the length at which you have been on the scene, especially when it comes to critical patients. A  watch helps in the documentation, for you will be able to indicate accurate times. There is no way you can be in an EMS arena without a watch that has a second-hand on. It is critical that the watch you have counts seconds.

3.     Tape and dressings

As a medical practitioner, you understand that a good number of EMS cases comprise wound care. As such, there is a need for bandages and tapes for wound and trauma dressings. A pair of nursing scissors will come in handy in cutting the materials required.

4.     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPEs are essential for they enable you to handle all manner of bodily fluids. You require disposable gloves as much as possible, for you can never have enough. Eyeglasses and a mask are paramount, for they protect you as you try to stabilize a critical patient. Personal supplies can also be included if they play a role in keeping you performing at your best.

5.     Flashlight

Being on the day shift as an EMT does not mean you can’t find yourself in a situation that requires a flashlight. You should always have one with you regardless of whether it’s rechargeable or uses replacement batteries. Keeps spare batteries at all times in a pocket that is easily accessible. Lightweight flashlights are highly recommended because of their efficiency.

6.     Penlight

This is not a flashlight, so don’t confuse the two.  A penlight is used to assess the response of a victim’s pupil or examine the throat critical in stabilizing a patient. Have a penlight clipped where you can easily access like a pocket because you never know when you will need one.

7.     Trauma shears

You require the best trauma shears in the market critical for cutting patient’s clothing. Many instances require that you cut the cloth of a patient, and this cannot be achieved without trauma shears. That way, you will be in a better position of handling any situation in an effective manner using this vital tool.

8.     Blood Pressure Monitor

Measuring a patient’s blood pressure is not something new. It is one of the ways to determine the medical condition of a patient. You need to bring a blood pressure monitor with you each time you are on call for a situation may arise abruptly that requires you to have it.

9.     Tourniquet

You may not use a tourniquet often, but it is good to have one. It is an essential item that helps in controlling excessive bleeding. In situations where a patient is bleeding profusely, and direct pressure doesn’t seem helpful, you need to use a tourniquet. If there is an instance of mass casualty, you will require this essential item.

10. Multi-Tool

Having a multi-tool with you is a good idea because it carries all the equipment you may require in a given situation. All the tools in a multi-tool can save the day because everything is included. That way, you will not get stranded because you lack a particular tool.

Final thought

EMTs and Paramedics risk their lives every day in order to provide comprehensive care to patients. Without proper equipment, these professionals cannot perform as they should at any given time. It is critical that they carry the 10 must have EMS items for EMTs and Paramedics that we have discussed.

Limited resources can limit a medical professional from delivering proper care. It is vital that the items we have outlined be part and parcel of what an EMT or Paramedic makes use of when faced with a medical situation. These items can save lives; thus, their importance cannot be overemphasized.

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