Top 7 Important Moving Tips and Tricks

Finding a new place on which to settle and live is a truly exciting endeavor. A new home gets you a fresh start, new opportunities, as well as the chance to make a new place your own abode. But let’s face it folks: relocating is one of the most challenging and stressful tasks that takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

The thought of having to organize and shoveyour items in boxes can quickly diminish the optimism and luster of a new home. In all actuality, getting your belongings from Point A to Point B can be an extreme nightmare, especially if you never planned well for this mammoth relocation process. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the top 7 important moving tips and tricks to help you stay organized and navigate through this process unscathed.

Design a Moving Budget & Checklist

It would be prudent to begin your relocation process by drafting a moving checklist comprising of a specified timeline. Everyone will have a unique moving timeline based on how much notice is provided before the process kicks off.

Someone may have a two months timeframe while the other one may have two weeks – so you can see the difference is clearly huge. After setting a moving checklist, now embark on creating a realistic moving budget, which largely depends on your destination.

Choose a Removals Company Early Enough

Sometimes it gets difficult to book a date with a removals firm. The reason is that most folks try to move over school holidays, at weekends, or even during bank holidays so as to have some extra time.

Plan in advance and pick a removals firm to avoid running out of time. Make sure to choose professionals since the safety of your stuffs are primarily dependent on the company you choose, and inept movers may end up damaging your items or property.

Declutter Unnecessary Items

Of course, there are some items that you no longer use and won’t need them at your new location. Make sure to leave the things you no longer use to lighten your stress and workload, more so those items that cannot be handled by the removals company.

You might want to figure out what you are going to do with the redundant items before entering the packing stage. A crucial packing tip is to find them storage units like Canningvale Storage Units for later reference if you will need them. Or, you can also toss, sell, or donate them so you can get rid of the unwanted stuff.

Make a Packing Plan

Packing tends to take a lot of time and effort, which is why it would be better to start early. After clearing away the items you no longer need, you can go ahead and start packing. When packing, start with the rooms you use the least in order to expedite the process.

Focus on one section of the room at a time and avoid keeping items from different rooms in the same box. Try to wrap small items and miniature knickknacks in brightly-colored tissue paper to prevent them from being mistakenly thrown out or getting lost. Furthermore, label all items clearly by writing the room name and a basic description of the contents.

Invest in Quality Moving Boxes

At times you might be tempted to score some free boxes from your local grocery store and use them to move. Well, you should resist the urge and invest in quality moving boxes. Besides, they are relatively inexpensive, plus the added durability is well worth every coin you spend.

Reused moving boxes and grocery boxes are easily compromised by exposure to moisture as well as wear and tear. You wouldn’t want your box to fall apart while moving items into the house, would you? So, invest in quality moving boxes and save yourself the hassle.

Do Not Box Your Valuables

It is important to know the items that cannot go into the moving boxes. There are certain items that you can personally transport, such as important papers, heirlooms, legal documents, and other personal valuables. And if you must box them, try to keep them in one box or file where you can easily access.

After putting them in one box, then place them somewhere safe where they cannot get lost. For fragile items, pack them using plenty of padding and bunched-up paper. Then, place them in designated boxes with extra cushion.

Organize Utilities

Never ever forget to take final utility readings before leaving your old apartment. To avoid losing any notes you make, try to take photos on your phone so everything is intact. You can also register with a new broadband provider upfront, and remember such utilities as water, electricity and gas.

If you do not intend to stay with the same provider at your new property, make sure to inform them the account is cleared and the house has been sold. Organizing in advance allows you to get any final bills to be paid before leaving.

Most importantly, never forget to enroll yourself on the electoral register at your new home. Keep all your details updated, including any relevant ID or driving license.

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