Most Beloved Piano Pieces Everyone will Recognize

From guitars to drums, many instruments are used to produce the soothing and relaxing music that you hear in the earphones. But the one instrument that stands out from the crowd and looks grand is the piano. 

A piano is one of the most beautiful pieces of instrument that can be used for producing different kinds of sounds. Even the original name of piano means soft-loud, hinting to the composer about the opportunity to create diversified sound. 

Even many piano songs have stood the test of time, and they have made their way to modern lives as well. So, let’s discuss some of those great piano pieces in this blog post. 

Ludwig van Beethoven – “Moonlight Sonata”

When it comes down to piano pieces, then there is no way you can ignore the masterpiece Moonlight Sonata from Beethoven. He is known for changing the music industry forever through his symphony and approach towards music creation, and you can see all this in his masterpiece, Moonlight Sonata. 

The first movement, marked Adagio sostenuto, is the most famous piece of music that almost everyone has heard. The smoothly moving triplet motif in the right hand and the heavy melody in the low bass line makes this piece of music something out of the world. So, we can say that it is one of the best piano repertoires to date. 


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Claude Debussy – “Clair de Lune”

The best composer that you are going to find for the impressionist style of music is Debussy. This french based composer is known in the music industry for giving some of the most delicate piano pieces, and this Clair de Lune is one of those masterpieces that are still very popular. 

The best part about Debussy is that the vast majority of his piano pieces are soft, light, and dreamy, and the same goes for Clair de Lune. But Clair de Lune is not a single composition. Instead, it is the third movement of his work, “Suite bergamasque.”

Frédéric Chopin – “March Funèbre”

Whenever any TV series maker or a Hollywood movie makers look for a piece of music for giving an effect of morbid setting, they mostly end up choosing the second movement of Chopin’s “Piano Sonata No. 2,” aptly marked “Marche Funèbre” 

If you have not heard this masterpiece as a standalone song, then you must have heard it in at least one or two TV series or movies. The melody is both slow and heavy, which makes people think of a morbid setting. It is one of the most recognizable piano repertoires

Ludwig van Beethoven – “Für Elise”

There is no way a list of top piano compositions can be completed without including at least two pieces from Beethoven. The lyrical melody and the charm of this piano piece make it at the top of the list of best piano pieces ever written. 

For all the beginners, this piano piece from Beethoven acts as an introduction to the world of music as this is what they learn in the form of their first piano lesson. If you are planning to learn piano, you must include this piano repertoire as it is best for making the fingers of both your hands independent. 

If you want to enjoy music in its best form, then you should never miss the chance to listen to some of the best piano pieces. They are not only soothing and relaxing, but they allow you to explore the complexity and variety of music offered by a single instrument.

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