Misconception About The Customer Service Outsourcing Companies

Customers are no doubt is the most important for any business. Customers are what can make or break any business. Thus businesses must always take efforts in making their customers’ needs met. They must always be ready to deal with customer issues to ensure the highest level of customer service. The better the customer service of any business will be, the more customers will be interested in the offerings of the business. Quality customer service act as a brand differentiator for the business. Thus a quality customer service is essential for retaining old and attracting new customers to the business Use of call centers is one way of ensuring that customers’ issues are met. The business can opt for developing their call centers or rely on outsourcing call centers to provide a better level of customer service.

As in todays’ scenario importance of customer service is highly significant and because of which the business today try and prefer to seek the help of experts and professional who with their skills, knowledge, and technological advancements can deal with customers’ issues. This helps them to focus their attention on other crucial aspects of the business. But despite the numerous benefits of outsourcing customer service, many businesses believe in various myths and misconceptions about outsourcing. These are hurdles standing in the way of business is delivering the best customer service through outsourcing. Therefore it is essential to debunk these myths so that businesses can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing customer services. These are mentioned as below:

Outsourcing is for big companies

This myth is preventing small-sized and medium-sized businesses to enter the world of outsourcing. The myth the outsourcing can be afforded by the big companies is untrue. Any size of business can outsource their customer care and the only difference will be the size of the team that will be working for which will be based on your budget. Thus a business can choose the scale of outsourcing as per their requirements. There is no compulsion for the business to spend a huge amount of money on availing these services. Also, the small-scale business is a bit fit for BPO outsourcing as they are more likely to adopt new technologies and solutions better.

Outsourcing leads to compromising on quality

This myth is based on the fact that because of outsourcing the business can significantly reduce its operating and various support costs. Thus low cost means low quality. But this is completely false. Though it provides a cost advantage to its users the outsourcing company has a team of highly skilled and talented personnel that ensures that every customer of the business is satisfied with their customer care service. The outsourcing company also believes in continuous improvements as they record and observe with the customers and tries to discover areas of improvement which will help to improve their performance. This will ultimately be going to wonders for the business. The outsourcing companies make use of various tools to ensure that the team is properly trained to meet the different demands of their clients.

Call centers are slow

Earlier the customers have to wait for hours to talk to customer care to get their issue resolved. This used to frustrate the customers and left a bad impression of the business. But this is what used to happen in the last decade. As today with new innovative solutions and technological advancements such as AI, customer issues are dealt with within few minutes. When a customer has to wait for a call, the automated agent collects all the relevant information from the customer so that the right agent can be assigned to them to resolve their issue. This ensures that customers get the best possible service without any delay. Thus we can with the advent of AI and voice support the call centers are no more outdated and slow.

The agents are not experts

Many businesses still feel that by outsourcing their customer care service to a third party, they are committing a huge mistake as it can backfire and impact their customer satisfaction negatively. This is based on the assumption that the agents of the outsourcing company are not experts or specialists. They are not capable of dealing with their customers. But this is not the case. As each agent of the outsourcing company goes through proper training so that they are properly equipped to deal with all kinds of issues that the customers are or might be facing. The agents are being kept updated about any new information related to the business processes. The outsourcing company also makes use of various tools such as decision trees, FAQs so that the agents have all the required information to resolve the customers’ issues.

Outsourcing companies don’t care about feedback

There is another myth that the outsourcing companies do not pay attention to the feedback provided by the customer. This is completely baseless as the outsourcing company’s ultimate goal is to enhance the customer experience by employing all the right tools and technology. Because of this, they take care of all the feedback provided by the customers so that they can improve their area of work. Some outsourcing companies go the extra mile by conducting the customer survey to find out about the areas that need improvement and thus work in that direction. These ultimately make the customers valued to the business and thus help the business in retaining their valuable customers.

Hence these are some of the myths that surround outsourcing companies. These myths are required to be debunked so that more and more businesses can enjoy various benefits that one can avail through customer services outsourcing

Through the outsourcing of customer care service, the business can maintain their loyal base of their customers by keeping them happy and satisfied all the time. By going with the decision of outsourcing customer care service, the business can reduce their overall cost and also focus on the areas of business that need immediate attention. These outsourcing company services will enhance the way of doing business for many. So one must choose them today.

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