How To Live Well In Lake Worth Beach? Pros & Cons Of Living In Lake Worth Beach, FL

Lake Worth Beach, better known as Lake Worth for short, is a city in Palm Beach County that offers much of what you expect in Florida in a smaller area with a population of around 42,000. However, if you’re considering moving to Lake Worth Beach, it’s essential to look at the pros and cons of the area. In this post, we’ll dive into several pros and cons of living in Lake Worth.


Homes Are a Little Below the State Average

Finding real estate in Lake Worth Beach is a little easier than in the rest of Florida. Because Florida is a popular community for retirees or affluent people, the housing market can be a bit more expensive. However, Lake Worth’s housing is cheaper, with the price being about 15 percent under Florida’s average.

It is possible to find a home for about $150K, and you can find apartments that go for under $1,000 a month. Of course, the cost of living does depend on what area you are in, but it’s possible to find an affordable place in a decent neighborhood when you live here.

Its Education System is Improving

Lake Worth has an education system that has seen much improvement over the years, ranking high when it comes to national and statewide levels. One example is Lake Worth Community High School. In 2020, their graduation rate was 91.1%, a sharp increase from 78.8%.

If you have children, Lake Worth Beach may be an excellent place to raise them due to its education system. But, of course, this can depend on which school you choose and your child’s needs.

The Weather is Nice

Lake Worth Beach has that lovely, tropical weather you can expect in Florida, with some pleasant average temperatures. In summer, it can go between the upper 70s to mid-80s. In winter, it can go to the low 60s. Not too hot, yet not too cold either. Rain lovers will rejoice, as you will get over 60 inches each year.

  • It Has a Unique Downtown Area and Lots to Do

Lake Worth Beach’s downtown area has lots to do, being recently renovated. You can expect to see a site with restaurants, bars, local shops, and plenty of other surprises. This is all located a short walk away from the beach.

You can also find events downtown, including ethnic festivals, street painting, and bonfires by the beach. While it’s a smaller area of Florida, Lake Worth Beach doesn’t sell itself short when it comes to fun activities anyone of any age can enjoy.


High Crime and Poverty Rate

Lake Worth Beach is not all sunshine, as it does have a higher crime rate, including violent crime, than the national average. The crime rate is nearly 70% higher than the national average, and the violent crime rate is almost 180% higher. Therefore, one in 25 people will be the victim of some sort of crime.

One reason for this is its high poverty rate. Over 18% of its residents are in poverty, which is around five percent higher than the national average.

With that said, the crime rate can depend on what neighborhood you move to. Therefore, when searching for real estate in Lake Worth Beach, it’s essential to research the crime rate in a particular community so you can reduce your chances of being the victim of a violent crime.

Overall Cost of Living is Slightly Higher

While Lake Worth Beach has more affordable homes, the trade-off is that the other living costs can be more. Lake Worth Beach is about a percent higher than the rest of Florida and four percent higher than the national average.

Groceries, healthcare, and local transportation are the main costs of living that are higher. But, again, this can depend on where in the city you live. For example, you may live by an area with a discount grocery store, helping you save.


Lake Worth Beach is a growing, diverse community with a lot to do. While there are some disadvantages, such as its crime rate and cost of living, choosing the right place to live can mitigate both of these problems.

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