All you need to know about the multidimensional anger test

Know here all about multidimensional anger test

When you open any of the social apps like TikTok you might see the multidimensional anger test. Probably most of the users tried this test. In this test, the user has to respond to some of the questions in the multidimensional anger test. In a multidimensional anger test as you answer the question your response will be recorded in it. A system will conclude your answer.

After compiling these test results shows how you respond to the emotion of anger. When you search the #angertest on TikTok you can see several of the results in videos. You cannot judge yourself from these answers. Sometimes you have anger in your mind/thoughts. Whereas in a situation, there are chances that you aren’t able to express the emotion of anger.

What is a multidimensional anger test?

Multi dimension anger test has a total of 38 questions in it. You have to respond to that question to find out your emotion of anger. This test was created by an individual difference reacher lab. This test was researched by Dr. Siegel. In this test, you will be asked some of the questions. Which trigger or provoke you to take the action. From all that data, after a series of questions, a result will be presented to you. The Multi dimension anger test result will have your anger score.

In this test, there are one-line questions. You have to do is answer the question of how you reacted to the situation that happened with you. A result will generate from that situation like how bad or good your anger is in comparison to the average population. This test will help you to know the reaction of your anger like you outburst at a moment, you store the emotion and burst or just don’t react at all. After this test, you can know much more about yourself too.

How does the multidimensional anger test work?

In this questionnaire, programmer users have to answer 38 questions. In these questions, you have to select the option between agreeing and disagreeing. In this, there are two bars high and mid. You have to select how to agree with the situation you are in and how to disagree with the situation. To select the agree or disagree you have to click on the poll. If you attempt the Multi dimension anger test, in the last question you have to click on finish to know the results.

The results will show your total score. The total score will be average of Anger Arousal, Anger spectrum, Hostile Outlook, External Anger, and Internal Anger. With this test result, you can compare your result with the average population score. The red colored bar will represent your result. The yellow colored bar will represent the average result of the population.

How accurate is the multidimensional anger test?

When you complete your Multi-dimensional anger test and answer all questions perfectly. At last a result will appear. when you scroll down you can find the anger test details mentioned in it. Such as Anger Arousal, Anger Spectrum, Hostile outlook, External Anger, and Internal Anger. When you read the meaning of anger. It relates to you in actual situations like how you act then you can guess the multiidemension anger test result is accurate.

Sometimes what happens is you are angry about some situation in the present and you are at your peak. In this case, the result might be more than usual. So try to take the test in a normal condition. Without thinking of a particular person or particular situation. After that you will get the accurate result of the multi-dimensional anger test.

We are not telling you to trust these blindly. With these tests, you can channel your emotion of anger in a positive direction. For example, if you just explode your anger in the face of a person is not a good thing. If you don’t react to those emotions, that is also not the correct thing. After these results, you can consult the doctor or can start anger management by yourself.

TikTok’s viral multidimensional anger test explained:

In TikTok and other social media apps, you have seen many trending videos about health and fitness related. Now Multi-dimensional anger test is one of the trends going on the internet. You can try this test on TikTok. Also on the Multidemensional anger test site. When you open TikTok the first thing you will notice is viral Multidemensional anger test videos.

When you search the #angertest you will see thousands of videos. Furthermore, you don’t need to try these trends coumplosry. Tiktok and other platforms are created to show your perspective to other people. When these videos go viral most people want to try the trend. Many of them agree with these and many not. But if you are curious to know your anger score then you can try for fun.

Multidemensional anger test was researched  by Dr. Siegel. You have to response to your different anger situation from 38 questions. These tests sum ups all kinds of situations where you represent your anger emotions. Multidimentional anger test will conclude your answer with how you agree and disagree with the situation. Like how you act in that situation in past and from that the result will be done.


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Have you ever tried anger management?

Some of us are very short tempered people. They might get angry at little things. For us that will be a tiny problem but from their perspective it has lots of trouble. If you are one of the short-tempered people or in anger you lost your temper and became violent. You probably went to a clinic for medicine or tried another anger management process to control the anger.

But after this test, if you feel you are suffering from anger then you should try to anger management. The emotion of anger is not only about how your action is. In some scenarios, the person might not express the emotion to others and store it deep in themself. But after a point, it will blow. In some cases, the person shows this emotion to other people. If you have one of these issues you can try anger management. In every tense situation before reacting just take a little deep breath. Think through that moment then come up with something which not disturb the relationship with others.


First of all, if you just had a bad day at work or home. But you are not in a situation to express your emotion. If you try the Multidimentional anger test then you won’t be able to answer the question accurately. So with an open mind think of every possible circumstance where you use anger or emotion. Afterwards answer the question.

Once you are ready to answer you can select the agree and disagree poll on the screen. After completing 38 questions, you will know your anger score. To know if your anger is good or bad, you can compare your score with the average population. Sometimes what happens after this quiz is you will end up regretting those situations and feel bad about yourself.

So try to avoid that guilt/regret and if possible you can apologize for that situation and also you can start anger management. At least while answering the question in the Multidimentional anger test don’t think too much about the past scenario, just be in the moment and answer the question.

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