720p stream and its alternatives to watch sports matches!

720p stream: what is it? An alternative of 720p stream to watch live sports.

Sports have always been one of the best ways of entertainment. People all over the world are much more engaged in sports than in TV or Movies. That urge of every sports fan to never miss a live match is incomparable. This has resulted in the development of numerous sports streaming sites on the web that allow you to stream almost all sports for free. 720p stream is one of the most popular among them giving you access to all sports streaming at your fingertips.

If on match day, you’re not at home and can’t access television at that moment, then 720the p stream is there for you. Here, you can stream all your favorite sports including NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, BOXING, UFC, and much more. Although the 720p sports streaming site excels in all the features, if it still doesn’t satisfy you, we have the best alternatives to it. So read on, we got it all covered for you.

What exactly 720p stream is?

Technically, 720p stream is a sports stream engine that allows you to stream free high-quality sports matches from anywhere and everywhere. You don’t have to sign up for an account, download an app, pay a price, or have a cable. Just access the website on any device that you have and start streaming live matches of your favorite sport. Why spend money on any subscriptions to watch live sports matches when 720p live stream has it all ready for you in one place?

Key Features of 720p streams

Although the site offers tons of interactive features to its users, here we have mentioned a few significant ones.

  • First things first, 720p stream is completely free irrespective of other live streaming service providers
  • You don’t need an account to stream your favorite matches. No signup required
  • It gives you the best streaming experience in the best quality
  • The site has different sections devoted to each sport including NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, etc
  • You don’t have to install any app or a video player to stream live sports
  • With 720p streams, you watch live sports from anywhere and on any device you have. Just open the website and you’re all set
  • The easy-to-use and user-friendly interface will surely save you some time and effort
  • Advertisements are only shown on the homepage of the website. You’ll face no interruption while streaming live sports

What sports can you watch on 720p live stream?

720p stream has everything to fulfill your sporty needs. Now you don’t have to go on different websites or buy subscriptions to stream different sports online. Here, you can watch almost all the sports, for instance, we have mentioned the major ones below.

NFL (National Football League)

The most popular sport all over the USA is available for you to stream on 720p streams. It’s the greatest Football League and an obsession of millions of people all around the world. Though you can watch all the sports, here are the most prominent leagues available to stream on this site.

NBA (National Basketball Association)

Another great obsession of almost all sports fans out there is the NBA (National Basketball Association). It consists of 30 teams that compete to be the number 1. The NBA is among the four greatest professional leagues all over the USA and Canada. If you’re already a fan and want to stream matches for free, you know where to go.

NHL (National Hockey League)

Hockey as a sport has attracted many spectators in recent years. A certain rise in the viewers of the National Hockey League has resulted in the need for services that provide live streaming of matches for free. In such a case, a 720pa  stream is the best one to go for.

MLB (Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball is the world’s oldest major professional sport. Like the NBA, it also consists of 30 teams in all, with the National and the American League comprising 15 teams each. Although the sport is not so popular and telecasted in all the countries, you can watch live matches on 720p sports from any corner.


Who doesn’t love boxing? Everybody does as it’s one of the most followed sports. It has given some of the world’s most prominent athletes including Mary Kom, Mike Tyson, Mohammad Ali, Tyson Fury, Floyd Mayweather, and many more. So if you also love Boxing you can always use the 720p live stream to watch matches.

How to watch free sports on 720p streams on any device?

As we mentioned earlier, 7the 20p stream never asks you to register for an account, install an app, or for money in any way. All you have to do is just open the right website on your web browser. And, you can do so on any of your devices whether it’s a smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, Pc, iPad, or any other. The only requirement to stream free live sports is a stable internet connection.

100% working links to access 720p live stream

Now, after you have connected your device to a good and stable internet connection, get your hands on a web browser. Here, enter any of the below-mentioned links. As 720pstream.com is no longer working these links will take/redirect you directly to their official website. And after that, you’re all set to stream your favorite sport for free and that too in high quality.

  • 720pstream.tv
  • 720pstream.me
  • 720pstream.se

Is it legal to stream sports on 720pstream?

Unluckily, no! After all those services that 720pstream provides for free, it’s still one of those illegal sites that violate the Copyright Infringement Act. As per the act, the distribution of any copyrighted media without permission/license is a clear case of copyright infringement. As a result, such sites are being hunted down by cyber experts, especially in India. This is the main reason why they keep on changing their domain name so that they don’t get caught.

Is there a way to stream safely on 720p sports?

First things first, we do not suggest you use such illegal sites in any way. But still, if you want to do it at your own risk, which is quite understandable, we have a solution for you. To stream live sports matches safely on 720p streams, you need to use a VPN. You can find several free and paid VPN services on the web. Connect to a different location that’s far away from yours. This will change your IP address and now you can play safe. Also, more importantly, beware of the misleading ads on the website, it may contain viruses that may harm your device in different ways.

Is there a 720p live stream app?

Not yet. 720p streams personnel work hard day and night to provide the best free live stream service to you. They’re still trying to excel in every aspect and to provide the best streaming experience to their users. It’s pretty reasonable why users want an app to stream live sports. It would make the work a lot easier and effortless.

Best Alternatives to 720pstreams

If for any reason, you think that the 720p stream doesn’t suit you, it isn’t good enough to satisfy your sporty needs, or if it doesn’t work in your region, then don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well. Below, we have mentioned the 5 best live sports streaming websites that you would consider a better replacement for 720pstream. All are 100% working at the time of writing.


One of the most popular sites to stream live sports for free is Stream2Watch. It’s your one-stop destination for all your favorite sports. The unique ones standing out include Ice Hockey, Tennis, WWE, Golf, Motorsports, and many others as well. Here, you also get match schedules so that you never miss one.


StreamEast is yet another similar site that allows you to watch live matches of your favorite sports. The best part is that it automatically highlights live and upcoming matches on the homepage making it even easier for you to choose the one to stream. Formula 1 and the NASCAR Series are among its top categories.


VipLeague unlocks access to all the sports live streams. The homepage of this site will show you all the upcoming matches, with their time, sports icons, team names, and leagues. Although it’s considered one of the most prominent sports streaming sites, it may annoy you with pop-up ads on every tap.


Volokit has quite a different perspective. Unlike other sports streaming sites, it provides different site links for different sports. It has different sections/site links on its homepage devoted to different sports such as UFC, NFL, NHL, Boxing, NHL, MLB, NASCAR racing, and more.


Another alternative to 720p sports streaming sites is BuffStream. The interface of this site is very similar to that of VipLeague. You can see every live and upcoming match list of your favorite sports. Like VipLeague, this site also may annoy you with its pop-up ads.

Conclusion (Final Thoughts)

720p Streams is a live sports streaming service provider that allows you to watch live matches in high quality and that too completely free. Irrespective of the tons of services that 720p sports streaming sites provide, it’s an illegal act of law as per the Copyright Infringement Act. As such, it’s not safe to use such a website without using a VPN service. Also, if you don’t like the website for any reason, you can go for the best alternatives to 720p streams. All are 100% working and are personally checked at the time of writing.

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