Is SQL a backend?

Backend (English back-end) is the software and hardware part of the service. Backend is a set of tools by which the the actual website logic is implemented.  

To associate code written by a hire backend developer  with a database, ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is used, a technology that converts data from a database into objects. Most databases use SQL (Structured Query Language) for data access. The ORM library automatically writes the queries required by the framework. However, the ORM cannot write any complex query for you: you have to do it manually. So knowledge of SQL is a must for a backend.

 The most popular DBMS are:

 – MySQL

 – SQL Server

 – PostgreSQL

 If you master at least one of them, you will be able to work with almost any DBMS without any problems.

Backend development

Most of the code required for the application to run will run on the server. The inner code runs on the server. This means that developers need to understand not only programming languages and databases, but also server architecture.

 Technical skills required for a hire backend developer:

 -SQL. It is a universal database query language. SQL is used to interact with databases that are part of every web application. No matter what language you choose to build your web application, frontend .

It turns out that SQL is a programming website language necessary for writing commands to the database, after which it will return the result. The result will depend on the command written in SQL. As in any other programming language,

What is SQL. Let’s try to understand this issue.

Every system must have a database. Information (user information, transaction state) is usually maintained in traditional relational databases such as 

 Simply put, SQL is the programming language with which we access our database.

Sooner or later, when developing programs, no matter what programming language you are working in, you will have to deal with working with a database.

 It doesn’t matter what kind of database it is. We have a program and this program processes some data that is stored in the database.

 -How can we “communicate” with the data that is stored in the database?

 -How can they be read, added, removed and updated?

 This is a rather complex language, it is possible to perform complex logical operations in it, and therefore it is also called a programming language.

 But, in fact, it is not really a programming language. Fireart helps.

 Not all databases can understand the SQL language, those that do not understand it, they are called noSQL databases. There is even a term called noSQL. SQL is such a general standard.

SQL is very important in software testing because:

  1. Validation will help you understand if the data that is added to the form (on the frontend) is being added to the backend or not. For example, when registering a user on the site and website, some fields are missing; therefore, we see some kind of error message regarding user registration. Also, if we execute the SQL query, we can say that the following fields are missing, and there is some error in the user registration function module.
  2. SQL helps us in getting test data. For example, if you need to check some fixes for products that are visible on a working site. Using an SQL query, you can get products with a certain condition (filtering), and change the product description for all records at the same time.
  3. SQL will help us get the user directly with these specific conditions from the database, and then log in using the data and just check the presence or absence of the VIP flag, instead of creating a new user and then paying on his behalf.

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