Does Installing a Wood Burner Increase Home Value?

A stove that uses wood will not only keep you warm but also increase the price of your property.

Here are some few things to consider if you are thinking of installing one.

A wood burning stove adds attractiveness and value.

During the 60’s and 70’s home owners across the nation opted to brick up their olden fire places as central heating and gas cooking gained immense popularity.

With the passage of time and as most trends do, the destiny of fireplaces has done a round trip with home owners taking a decision to expose their before bricked up fireplaces and they have filled the openings with stoves that burn with wood.

Unlike other fashions, wood burners are looking more likely to be a mainstay with statistics from HETAS, a safety consumer group, which show a 60% increase in the number of stoves. Currently, the number of wood burners exceeds a million in British homes with sales being as much as 200,000 annually.

Statistics show that wood burners are highly sought after but what effect do these stoves have on the price of your property. Having a wood burner offers you an equal price lift as having a brand new bathroom and it can equally raise the value of your home to about 5%. In addition to that, wood burners will help you to save on money. Wood burners offer you a pocket friendly budget. While you compare the cost of setting up a new wood stove and setting up a new bathroom, a new wood stove will cost you about £2,000 and a new bathroom will cost you about £4,500. Clearly setting up a wood stove will go a long way to ensure that you save on money while increasing the cost of your property.

One would probably ask that if they live in a smoke control area if it is impossible for them to have a wood burner. The issue with living in a smoke controlled area means that you are not permitted to emit smoke through your chimney. Not to worry though, the great news is that you can still own a wood burner only that it means you will have to follow the rules set by the government. You could also decide to get a DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) accepted stove. This stove will allow you to burn substances that are not authorized. You could also decide to burn a fuel that is smokeless that you can get readily on the market.

For the areas you want to heat you can use wood burners to heat the entire house or you can heat only one room or you could just heat your downstairs. You could also decide to substitute your whole central heating system. If you are thinking to use the wood burner as your chief source of hot water and heating then you will be required to have a boiler stove.

When considering wood being environmentally friendly, when it comes to burning wood, there are a number of opinions to consider. A lot will depend on the place where you stay and what exactly you are burning. If you happen to stay in the rural area where air is far less polluted and you can get wood from a supplier who is sustainable, then using wood will be good for the environment as compared to using fossil fuel as a source of energy. Homes that are located in cities with air quality being poor; it will be advisable to use a central heating that uses gas. Before making a decision on whether to use wood or gas as an energy source you should first ensure your home is energy efficient.

The kind of fuel you want to burn should be of great consideration when choosing a wood burning stove. If you decide that you only want to use wood as a source of energy then you will have to purchase a wood burning stove. Suppose you stay in an area that is smoke control then you will have to decide to use other sources of energy apart from wood. You should also consider that wattage output of the stove. To get the right Kilowatt output, you will need to multiply the width, the length and the height of your room which you will divide by 14.

If you wish to have a wood burning stove, then you have to install it on your own as there is no law that states a professional require to install a wood burning stove for you. While you are doing that you will have to keep in mind that you will have to follow the control rules of building. You might also obtain a registered installer from HETAS who will go a long way to ensure that all the work carried out in the property agrees with the proposed regulations. The professionals will also offer you advice on the most sufficient type of wooden stove for you to install.

There are many ways to increase value to your property; while installing a wooden stove can help you to increase your property’s value there are so many other great ideas you can employ in order to increase the value to your home. We will offer you advice and give you the best ideas for what you envision for your home. Visit our home advancement offices for the best ideas and advice on your property.

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