Important questions to ask from your liquid transport company

Choosing the right transportation company for your firm is necessary in order to ensure the timely delivery of goods, maintenance of freshness, and better manufacturing process. Technology has surely played a huge role in shaping the transportation industry and made it more transparent, accurate, faster, and effective, but still, you need to be extra careful while choosing a shipping company for your firm, especially if you are dealing with liquid transportation.

Different methods, tools, and technology are used to ship different types of products, and the same goes for liquid products as well. From the temperature inside the truck to the liquid bulk shipping containers, everything needs to be of world-class quality in order to ship liquid products safely. Even a little bit of carelessness or use of outdated equipment can lead to contamination of the whole batch of liquid shipping. And with so many options of shipping companies, choosing the right one can become tricky.

So, let’s go through some of the most important questions that you will need to ask from your liquid bulk shipping company in order to make the right decision.

Is your shipping structure specialized in liquid shipping?

As discussed in the outset of the article, liquid shipping is very different from bulk shipping, and that’s why you will need to be extra careful while choosing a shipping company. It is not like a normal shipping company won’t be able to ship your liquid products, but they should have specialization in this area for sure. You will need to directly ask your potential shipping company whether they have a proper segment of their shipping process dedicated to liquid shipping or not.

Do you have any type of accreditation?

A qualification or certification might not be necessary to start a freight company, but choosing the one with proper accreditation will ensure a world-class transportation service. You will need to ask your potential shipping company about the number of accreditations they have under their belt. There are different types of accreditations related to government, road safety, and shipping association, and your potential shipping company needs to have at least some of them. A freight forwarder with a long list of accreditations will surely be more confident in providing you better service for liquid transport.

Is there any type of insurance on my shipment?

One of the most overlooked aspects while choosing a shipping company is insurance, but if you are looking forward to working with the best ones, then you should never miss this point. It’s crucial that your liquid products are protected as they move across the globe, and that will happen only if your batch will be properly insured. In addition to asking your potential shipping company about the insurance of your shipment, you will also need to go through the marine policies as well. This will allow you to understand the terms and conditions of shipping liquids in a better way.

What does your rate consist of?

You might choose a shipping company on the basis of the price they have mentioned on their official website, but that’s not the right approach. There are many different types of hidden charges that some companies don’t include in the price they mention on their website. You might be asked to pay a certain amount of money, but you can get surprises with additional charges. This is why it becomes crucial for you to ask your potential shipping company about what’s included in their price. Along with this, the limit of service offered at that price should also be clearly understood by you.

Do you have a proper tracking system?

Just choosing a company, sending liquid freight, and waiting for the shipment to arrive or get delivered is not the right approach. In order to ensure timely delivery and in order to be prepared for the arrival of the batch, you will need a proper tracking system. There are many shipping companies that use outdated systems and don’t have a proper tracking system in place. By tracking your shipment, you will be able to go through a smooth shipping process.

Do you own the warehouses?

Outsourcing has become very common in each, and every industry and the transportation industry is no exception to this. This is why it becomes necessary to know whether your potential transportation company owns the warehouses or has outsourced it. This is essential because there are many companies that claim to govern the warehouse while, in reality, it is outsourced. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing the warehouse, but you have the right to know the truth.

By asking the above-mentioned questions, you will be able to filter down the available options of shipping companies in a better way and make the right decision for liquid transport through liquid shipping containers.

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