Impact of Recent Technologies in Industries

Are you the one who is tuned to the recent trends in technology? Then there is every chance that you know about the new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and block-chain technology. Now, why are these technologies getting popular? The main reason is that they are slowly changing the way many industries work. In fact, they have brought about beneficial significant changes for the better. In this article let us discuss the impact of recent technologies in industries

1) Recent Technologies in Industries – Home Improvement – Internet of Things

1. Recent Technologies in Industries - Home Improvement - Internet of Things

You need three important aspects of life to live a content life. Food, clothing, and shelter. And shelter means home and the industry is called home improvement. The new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have revolutionized the very concept of home improvement. Gone are the days, when home appliances such as washing machines and microwave oven were considered mere appliances. Now, they add to the elegance and grace of a home.

And if they are smart appliances, they can be made to obey your commands via your voice or with another device such as Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo. Enough. Shall we go to the title – Internet of Things?

This concept is a new idea and works on the basis that all technology devices can be connected. In fact, it makes for the perfect balance between the digital and physical world.


You have seniors in your family who suffer from mobility problems. They find it very hard to go to the electrical switch to turn on/off the lights. So, if you have made the entire scenario a smart home, all they had to do is to give a command for the lights to switch on and off. The same goes for the electrical fan.

You can also adjust the settings so that when they enter the bathroom, the lights get switched on and the geyser water is already hot. These are only simple examples. In a smart washing machine, with the internet of things, you can ask the appliance to send a text to your mobile if the wash cycle has been completed.

2) Recent Technologies in Industries – Machine Learning

Recent Technologies in Industries – Machine Learning

When we thought of examples, we got this one. Imagine, you are an entrepreneur having a laptop service center in Mumbai where you do repairs for computers/laptops. You have also tied up with a company offering services of home appliance repairs in Mumbai. To ensure that your loyal customers get the best service, you have put in place a customer care service office. You have installed chat bots instead of customer care representatives. Now, these chat-bots are machine learning applications which have the ability to learn on their own.

They do not need human assistance to monitor them. Once set, they can respond not only to simple and complex queries by the customers but in need, can transfer calls to the office number.

3) Recent Technologies in Industries – Virtual reality (VR) – Fashion Industry

Recent Technologies in Industries – Virtual reality (VR) – Fashion Industry

Have you ever seen a 3D movie? It can take you to a new fantasy world. Now the same technology has come to human lives. Imagine your family interested in buying a new sofa. So, your spouse takes an image of the room with all its components on the mobile and then you head to the sofa showroom. During the selection, you can check if the sizes of the sofa can suit the spaces in your room. This works on the concept of virtual reality.

4) Fashion Industry

Virtual reality has also crept into the fashion world. For example, you shop online on a reputed e-commerce website. You have selected a specific dress and before making a purchase, you can make use of the VR applications to check if it suits your personality.

Ever heard about digital marketing? So how does a fashion designer know and design the clothes which can get sold in quick time? By knowing the pulse of audiences. So, the fashion designer can note, the customer preferences, whether they are interested in a new style and design the new dresses accordingly. The digital marketing team, can with precision give the data about the color and style preferences of every age group and even demographics. In short, the term is called predictive analytics and by knowing the fashion trend, the designer can always stay one step ahead of the preferences of customers and local public.

5) Recent Technologies in Industries – Travel Industry

Recent Technologies in Industries – Travel Industry

 Among the new technologies, it is artificial intelligence which has brought about major changes in the travel industry. The most common description of artificial intelligence is that it refers to machines or computers carrying out or completing activities which normally needs humans. The examples can be many – doing manual tasks, giving apt responses and many more.

It is in customer service, that artificial intelligence has made its mark, via the robots. In a normal situation, a traveler may have many doubts and want to get them clarified. To address the situation, the famous Hilton Group of Hotels, has a robot, Connie which makes use of speech recognition and AI with machine learning to help customers. Every interaction will help the robot to learn more new information, and it stores in the database. And when it meets a similar kind of situation, it responds favorably. This is a new trend in the communication field.

6) Recent Technologies in Industries – Healthcare

Recent Technologies in Industries – Healthcare

Surprised, as to how artificial intelligence can help in healthcare? Let us look into a few examples.

For persons suffering from memory problems – The AI program can give reminders to these patients for taking medications within a timeframe.

High Risk – There are times when a human life can be saved if the reports identify the symptoms as high risk. An AI tool can easily identify with precision and give the perfect report.

Personal Dosage – There are many virtual nurses with AI applications. They can scan your report and give you a prescription as per the requirement.

In recent times, in India, even students have started making use of the Voice Search option. So, it is time to modify the keywords when it comes to digital marketing campaigns.

You can guess the popularity of voice search in noting down the gadgets which work on smart appliances. Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Alexa. In America, the voice search option has impacted the healthcare industry in a big way and many healthcare firms have optimized their campaigns in tandem with the requirement.

 Mobile Apps

Medical mobile apps are the order of the day in developed countries. These apps can help a physician stay in regular touch with the patients.

7) Recent Technologies in Industries – Online Security

Recent Technologies in Industries – Online Security

A majority of the urban population swear by the option of digital payments. And there was the time when spyware, trojans, and viruses gained notoriety. Now, a recent threat has sent shivers to the security experts. The name is ransomware. And this program can shut down entire businesses and corporations. So, online security has expanded in a big way.

There is also another reason, cybersecurity has assumed prominence. The popularity of cloud computing. In recent times, many of the business has shifted their servers to the cloud domain. For the best benefits. So, online security jobs will be the most preferred jobs of the future.

8) Recent Technologies in Industries – 5G

Recent Technologies in Industries – 5G

You have gone through the internet connection history. 1G, and now 4G.

Right now, 5G is the talk of the town and is the new entrant to wireless communication. When this technology comes to the market, every network will have more speed. And the last info, it is the Samsung company which seems to have first introduced the first mobile phone that can work on 5G technology.


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