Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Photos, Features and Certificates Leaked

We already know that Huawei is working on at least one new smart wearable-watch fit. A new and rather blessed leak has now added a Watch GT2 Pro to the list. As the name suggests, it is not a completely new device, such as rectangular fit, but an upgrade, or the company’s flagship GT line wearable.

There’s a lot to notice, so, in some way, we start with the fact that, apparently, the Watch GT2 Pro will come in at least one classic and a sports varient. With Nebula Grey and Knight Black, which could probably be a large pool of colors as a pair. Huawei is certainly nothing new to have different variables on its Watch GT devices. The current Flagship Watch GT2 comes in two individually different 46mm and 42mm variants, each with a classic, sports and elite version.

Huawei Watch GT 2 

THE GT 2 Pro LEAK doesn’t really provide enough information to say anything about the size and possible difference. However, it refers to titanium as a body component. Looking at the photo-shooting design, we can’t see the significantly smoother and thinner rim in the Watch GT2 Pro compared to vanilla. In fact, it’s the latest departure from the big bezel snout of Huawei and Honor Smart Wire. The new design harks back to the original Huawei Watch from 2015. Unlike this and GT2, the GT2 Pro is seen to be using a slightly lower quality strap attachment design, with the unit’s side band digging, for a tight look.

In addition to the many product images, there are some specs for the leaked watch GT2 Pro. It will apparently include 5ATM water registration rating, professional health monitoring, more than 100 new exercise modes and SPO2 tracking, plus an improved GPU system. There will be a speaker on the board, which is evident from a picture, where the clock is seen calling.

Charging will be wireless, including the ability to charge the clock from any compatible reverse-charging smartphone. The leaked leak sits on the line of reverse wireless charging from the watch. But, it seems quite impossible and perhaps a typo or translation is wrong. According to sources, a single battery charge will be good for 2 weeks, which makes us believe that Huawei will not move away from the wearable platform. So, if you’re a sticker for technology, since that OS doesn’t allow for third-party apps, any device it’s not a real smartwatch, but a smart wearable.

Anyway, off the significant leak, we have some renderers for the Watch GT 2 Pro, the magnetic, wireless charging base. If these are believed, it is rated 10W ( 5V@2A s) as an input. Of course, because of the inherent inefficiency of wireless charging, it’s almost not going to be the amount of time it takes to get the current.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro EEC Certificate

Finally, a certificate from the Eurasian economic community provides little additional information about the upcoming watch GT2 Pro, but conveniently includes a model number – VID-B19. Which could help to identify possible leaks in the future. If anything like this comes, we’ll post you.

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