How Hollywood Is Riding the Crypto Wave: What You Should Know 


Cryptocurrency is not only popular among investors but also among Hollywood celebrities too. Many Hollywood celebrities have promoted Bitcoin transactions in the recent past. There are numerous Hollywood actors and actresses who made Bitcoin a popular currency in the world.

Many actors, music directors, and celebrities from Hollywood have promoted Bitcoin’s concept of digital internet money. It is but natural that the millions of loyal fans of these celebrities will start taking interest in cryptocurrencies as they do for other items like sneakers, watches, and fashion attire.

List of Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Promoted Bitcoins  

Several Hollywood celebrities have promoted Bitcoins recently in order to make the crypto popular and mainstream. In the following section, we have compiled a list of celebrities.

1. Snoop Dogg 

Snoop Dogg is one of Hollywood’s most eminent faces who has promoted Bitcoins in the recent past. He is one of the most recognizable faces of the music industry in Hollywood. Currently, Snoop Dogg has 17.2 million Twitter followers, 36 million Facebook followers, and 25.3million Instagram followers. He is among the most followed celebrities in the world and exercises considerable influence over his audiences and followers all over the world.

2. Katy Perry  

Katy Perry is one of the most famous pop stars who have created a buzz about Bitcoins among her followers. Currently, she has 107 million followers on Twitter, 68 million followers on Facebook, and 70.6 million followers on Instagram. It means that the massive fan following of this star will look through the crypto-related posts on various social sites. It will drive more waves of people to show more interest in investing in Cryptocurrencies. The matter of fact is many of us are not aware of these facts about the magic of Hollywood in the crypto industry. Her nails were painted with various Cryptocurrency logos.

3. Ashton Kutcher  

Ashton Kutcher is one of the most famous American actors; he was known for his prominent roles in the 70’s show. He is also an accomplished venture capitalist and the Co-Founder of A-Grade Investment in America. Currently, he possesses 18 million Twitter fans, 18million Facebook fans, and 2.8 million Instagram fans. His presence in the crypto-industry will provide a boost in the circulation of Cryptocurrencies in the very near future. It will help to develop the wave of crypto business in the upcoming years. Along with that, his loyal followers will also feel motivated to invest in cryptocurrencies.


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4. 50 Cent 

He is one of the most famous American rappers who have promoted Bitcoin Investment in the past. He had released the album Animal Ambition using Bitcoin. He possesses 6.69 million Twitter followers, 35 million Facebook followers, and 19.2 million Instagram followers. Hence, from these figures, it has become clear how he can influence the followers to invest more in the Cryptocurrencies in a short span of time.

5. Jamie Foxx

American actor Jamie Fox has also promoted Cryptocurrency in the recent past. You can say that his presence had created a great buzz among his followers to buy the Cryptocurrencies of their choice. Currently, he possesses 4.66 million Twitter fans, 5.3 million Instagram fans, and 9.4 million Facebook fans. He has promoted cryptocurrencies in many trading platforms and created a vast pool of target audiences for Cryptocurrency users in the recent past. If you are his fans, you must know this fact about him so that you may not hesitate to make your investments in Cryptocurrencies the next time.


Hence, if you are unaware of the fact about Hollywood’s contribution to the promotion of the Cryptocurrency, you can follow this article to get the right insight. You can also read from here bitcoin profit to get a better insight into Hollywood’s contribution to promoting cryptocurrencies in the world market. You can follow the opinion of these stars to make your decision to invest your money in Cryptocurrencies.

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