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Glistening gold chains in attracting designs and tones are the all time favorite accessories that over the years have grown more popular. Fall in love with yourself all over again by wearing a classy gold chain. Nowadays it is not a new fashion which is creating the excitement to buy men’s gold chain, but it is famous for generations.

Choosing the right gold chain design is an integral part of your entire look. Complete your outfit with any of our exquisite gold chain collection from 10k-14k gold rope chains to rose gold, white gold, diamond Cubans, Franco, 10k gold Miami Cuban link chain, and many more.

So if you’re looking for the most popular gold chain designs for men, you have come to the right place. Hence to help you find your perfect style, we have put together a quick guide about all the most popular gold chain designs that any man can pull off. Let’s get to it!

1. Gold rope chains

Gold rope chains are one of the most popular chain types years after year. It consists of small links that form a twisted, spiral-like pattern, just like a rope.

A gold rope chain is one of the strongest chains. A heavy pendant if you have and wish to have a relatively thin chain for it, a rope chain is probably the excellent choice for you.

Our 10k yellow gold smooth cut link rope chain will complement your outfit effortlessly on any occasion, special or mundane with length options ranging from 16 to 30 inches and with a width of 2mm.

Pro tip: Whenever you want to purchase any chain necklace, you must consider the length of the chain. Probably the same chain in a different size can give a completely different look, so it is important to choose the correct length.

2. Cable chains

Cable chains are the simplest and oldest type of chain. It consists of a series of identical round and oval links. Their classic appearance and durability make them the most common.

Gold cable chains are one of the most reliable types of chains as they do not easily break. Because of their simple design, they are sturdy.

So are you looking for something that is going to make some noise? Well if that is the case, this 10k yellow gold skinny cable chain is the perfect option for you. Available in length of 18-20 inches and width of 1mm. This deceptively and delightful simple cable chain is elegant, understated, and ready to be worn with absolutely everything.

3. Cuban link chain

The Cuban link chains are considered to be an essential accessory of the Hip-Hop, Rapper fashion movement. At So Icy we have the latest collection of Cuban link chains to choose from the Miami, Diamond cut, Skinny, Hollow, and many more.

Our collection includes chunky Miami chains for those who wish to take it back to old school and for those who want to keep things simple as classic hollow chains. Each Cuban link chain in our collection is made with the highest quality construction in 10k yellow gold or 10k white gold.

This 10k yellow gold skinny hollow Miami Cuban chain will go with your hip-hop style wardrobe. With length options ranging from 18-24 inch and a width of 2mm. Let 10k yellow gold do all the talking.

4. Figaro chains

Figaro chains have a longer, oval-shaped link after every three links. The popularity of the chain peaked during the 1990s, but now it is still one of the most favorite chain types.

It is an excellent choice for everyday chain types for men that like to keep things sophisticated and not at all boring. Figaro chains are the neck chain choice for a man with high standards.

If you are a fan of minimalism and elegance, choose this 10k yellow gold solid Figaro link chain of 26 inches in length and with a width of 2.2mm. It is a solid and durable, pretty simple design. You can keep rocking it with almost every attire.

5. Box chains

As the name suggests, box chains are boxy. They are solid chains made of square links. The classy and durable gold chain design makes it stand out from the crowd and endures for daily wear easily for years.

We offer unique 10k gold box chains that are available in yellow and rose gold. All our box link chains and necklaces are made with 100% real gold.

Check out our 10k yellow gold solid box link chain of length ranging between 20-24 inches. This timeless classic box chain will give you a sophisticated look with an instant trendy vibe. Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful chain, not everyone wears then a box chain is a superb option.

6. Ball chains

The ball chain features small sheet metal balls that are identical in shape and size. The chain is linked together with short lengths of metal wire where each ball is hollow and has two tiny holes on either side to support the wire.

From thick to sleek, you can choose any style in these chains. It will give a beautiful finish to your attire, and you will enjoy the classy look of these chains.

So if you are looking for a modern style of chain design, then this 10k yellow gold moon cut bead link chain is best for you. It looks perfect and beautiful. You can wear this with your casual attire and feel confident in the same.


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From simple and sleek to bold and funky designs, you can choose your pick from our flawless range of gold chain designs.


Browse and shop our exquisite men’s gold chain collection. At So Icy, we offer the most stylish and fashion-forwarded pieces so that you can be sure to know the design is timeless and the chain lasts with you for years to come.

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