Going To India Solo? Here Is What You Should Know

Some people are super creative and they always have an urge for doing something more exciting than the others. What’s turn up for the books is the towering majority of the backpackers don’t want to travel around alone. Be that as it may, those fixing their gaze on getting out of the comfort zone, travel solo. And that’s where the excitement begins. Vola!

Travelling solo sits in the catbird seat by offering benefits more than one can shake a stick at. Just imagine standing on a verge of a high way or in the middle of a lush green forest; I mean just getting the grips with the aforementioned thought can get you goose bumps. That’s thrilling, isn’t it? Excitement and learning is a sure thing when you travel solo. Yes, nothing is the pinch hitter of experience. And just think you are not going to get your favourite pillow to sleep on? That’s where you start recognizing your abilities that you have got no one around to help you out and you get to manage yourself on the way. While travelling solo, one you get your hands on millions of off-centre ideas for your creative manoeuvres, that’s a given.

And if India is the place you are going to pay a call on, she’s going to blow your socks off right away. If you are fixing your gaze on travelling solo to India,we have got some things you get to keep a close weather on. India is going to test your nerves if you are first timer guest ofthis sensational country.

I have singled out a few tips that, I must say, I should have been aware of before Ipacked my rucksack for India for the first time. Anyhow, that’s not the case with you. Just give all these tips a once over with a fine tooth comb so that you can travel safely and enjoy your trip at its fullest.

Packing your ruck sack

Well, packing in an adequate way before kicking off the journey is pretty much important. Consider applying the Spanish proverb “On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy” while packing your bag for India. Don’t over pack in any case. Make sure you keep only the necessary stuff on you as almost everything is available in India. Still and all, if the excess stuff (that’s not allowed by the airline you are travelling with) is doing your head in, check out for any reputed parcel to India Company to get your stuff transported in India hassle free.

Getting around in India

India is huge country with big crowds. No two ways about it. Mother India meets the wants of over 1 billion people. That being the case, it possess a big-shouldered network of railways and roads. So, getting into and around India is as easy as falling off a log. No kidding. You can find trains, buses, auto rickshaws, taxis and flights to move around easily. Nonetheless, getting the services of public transportation is recommended specifically if you ought to travel long distances. No ifs, ands, or buts about that.

Straight after that, in case the distance you get to travel on is less and you are setting your eyes on private convenience, always bargain for the fair before getting into. Check out the distance you get to cover with the help of map and then negotiate for the reasonable price. And never accept free ride from unknown or ride at excitingly low rates. I kid you not.


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Accommodation in India

The thing is, India is a big country with 1.36 billion people. And accommodation could be a dog’s breakfast if you are on budget.Can you leave insurance out of this? Without question, not. Be that as it may, if you are travelling alone, avoid paying over the odds for hotels within leafy areas. In order to make your case, budget accommodation is something you must set your heart on. You can also go for homestays as well. In that case, you will be experiencing local life more closely with the feeling of staying in home.

Budget hostels are too set up in cities to cater the needs of all the backpackers travelling solo. This way, you will be ending up saving a few bucks. And that would be icing on the cake if you are a kind of gregarious.Backpacker hostels are home to the travellers from around the globe. There, one can build some everlasting relationships. Be that as it may, book your accommodation prior to your arrival so that you can avoid any mess.

Food and water

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, India is a land of spice. The saying goes, one would be throwing yourself into hair-raising world of spice. But, don’t forget to ask your stomach before getting yourself off the ground with the super spicy street foods in India. One of the top priorities while travelling solo in any country is freshly cooked food.Always eat freshly cooked and well-covered food. Food that’s open to dust and flies is not something you should give a hand on.That would be a cherry topping, indeed.

As far as water is taken into account, the entire country is facing problem of clean drinking water. Well, the truth hurts. For this case, always drink bottled water. Watch out for the seal of bottle if the seal is intact. Check out for any medication you would probably be needing against Malaria, Diarrhoea etc. before setting up your tour. And believe me or not, street food in India is something not to be missed out at any cost. Whoa!

Bargaining while shopping around

It might seem a bit crazy to you what I am about to say. Well, bargaining in India wile purchasing anything is very much common. Bargaining while shopping is a must in India and same goes for your case as well. If you are sopping around from local shops, try out to bargain as much as possible. Alright, the shopkeepers try out to make extra money if they found that you are a foreigner. Therefore, do bargain to save a few more bucks while purchasing anything.

Be ready to get so many stares

Alright, to be brutally honest, people do stare in India. Well, that’s the way of showing their affection. That’s how things work in India. Be ready to encounter with a bunch of staresthroughout your stay. It would be multum in parvo to keep your cool and little smile on your face to get away with this. Nothing is to worry about if someone asks you to get photoed with them. That’s their way to show excitement and affection. Just put across your uncomfortableness with a smiling face and say NO and that’s that.

Keep your cool

Well, I guess this is very important to go with the flow. For any India first timer, it’s very beneficial to stay calm around, no matter what. Things can get boiled over easily in India. For this reason, just pulling the strings up, taking a deep breath and moving on is something you must pin your hopes on. If you lose something or being boondoggled, think for a second whether it’s worth getting bustled about and keep on moving. Yes, you heard it right. But if you lose your documents such as passport or credit card, get your report registered in the near police station.

Keep all the documents safe and make multiple photocopies of all the documents

As with any other country, you have to keep a close eye on your documents including your passport, credit cards etc. throughout your stay in India. To take the best care of your valuable documents, make multiple copies of them and keep the copies on you all the time. This is because in case you lose any copy, the originals are with you. Over and above that, it’s not worth worrying if you fail to keep them as originals are on you secured.

Adequate dressing would be the lifesaver

As said earlier, India is a land of rich culture and traditions and Indian people have diversified religious beliefs and social norms. Therefore, dressing in an adequate manner will be a silver bullet. Alright, let’s put it this way. You need to learn the ropes before meeting with the Indian culture. That being the case, you get to dress up in a modest way before setting your feet into religious places like Temples, Mosques, Shrines etc. Taking off your shoes before getting into the religious places is compulsory and wearing a scarf over your head and chest would be a great idea. That’s not gross, that’s how things work in India.

Well, to be brutally honest, dressing conservatively will not only help to avoid thumping great stares, but it’ll help you feel better while hanging or travelling around (don’t worry, you’ll notice it). You will witness people giving much more respect and appreciation if you’ll stay inside the boundaries and respect their social norms. No two ways about it.

Now that you know the basics, you are ready to take off. Off you go. Stay tuned for more beneficial tips from us!

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