Why giving to charity is important for a peaceful life

There are many people around who can be seen regularly making donations to charity and helping others through different means. As they like to make a difference and to have a positive impact on the lives of the many who are suffering due to many reasons or just because it could make them feel good and make them feel peaceful.

There are many studies to back up this claim that giving charity results in various mental as well as physical health benefits. This can be helpful to lead a peaceful and happy life. In words of Maya Angelou who was an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist that, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

So here are some of the reasons why giving to charity is important to lead a peaceful life.

Improve your self-esteem and self-worth By Giving charity

Donating is a selfless act, so charity giving will improve your self-esteem and self-worth. By donating money to charity, you will achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and growth as it feels good to help others and provide them with all the essential resources. Donating is considered to be one of the best examples of a selfless act, as this can boost one’s self-esteem and self-worth. Owing to this fact one can look at an example of people of Yemen who are in great need of resources and help. Saba Relief is one such non-profit charity organization who are working with individuals in Yemen who are in great distress as they have been displaced, children who are malnourished and families that have lost their homes due to the horrible war.

Boosting your mood With Giving charity

Along with a greater sense of self-esteem and self-worth, contributing to charity can also help with depression and positively Elevate one’s mood, this is a direct effect of the psychology of generosity. The same was revealed in a study conducted by Harbaugh, Mayr and Burghart (2007) when the neural activity of the brain was mapped it was revealed that the participants who donated to a local food bank from the given hundred dollars showed activity in the brain similar to that of Receiving pleasure getting a reward from this it can be concluded that giving charity brings about a rewarding and satisfying state of mind.

The impact of charity giving on others:

A very little amount given in charity can have an enormous impact on the lives of the needy people. Take a look at We Charity which was founded by brothers Craig Kielburger and Marc KielburgerWE charity provides a holistic development model called WE Villages through their ME to WE social enterprise to lift more than one million people out of poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America by providing them with economic opportunities.

With these little amounts which are collected from all over the world as a whole can have a great impact on lives of many which are deprived of even basic things which a man requires to lead a decent life such as hygienic food and clean water and clothing. By the provision of the same, those who are severely affected by natural disasters or lives in a worn-torn region can begin to restore their lives looking in direction of development.


It can be explicitly concluded from the above points that giving to charity brings about peace of mind and deeper meaning to life. Which not only ensures that one leads a peaceful and happy life but also helps the many who are in need as well. 

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