Getting more Spotify Plays: An Overview

The course of music has changed over the last ten years. Now with the availability of music streaming apps, artists focus on releasing their music on these apps through distributors. Their main aim now has become to get more likes, plays and followers on their songs. One such app where artists want to put out their music is Spotify. Without a doubt, Spotify is one of the most frequently used music-related apps in the world. 

Spotify now also has a separate app for the artists known as “Spotify for Artists” which gives the artists a deeper insight about who is listening to their music and from where. Along with this, the artists also find out how many plays each song of theirs has. It can be difficult to get thousands of plays on your song overnight. The process of getting there can be a long one due to which some artists choose the option to buy Spotify plays. When artists buy Spotify plays via an online transaction, they get the plays that they have paid for, instantly. This boosts engagement on their account and they get discovered by newer people.

Easy Ways To Get More Plays On Your Songs

Below are mentioned a few of the easier tips or points which can help an artist get more plays on their songs. 

Boosting Engagement

One of the easiest ways to get more plays on your songs on Spotify is to boost engagement. Spotify now allows you to put a spotlight on a particular track that you would prefer to be on the top of your Spotify account. This way, every time someone visits your artist profile, the first song that they see will be the song that you want more plays on. This is a smart and convenient way to get more plays on your songs. 

Social Media Campaign

Another easy way to get more plays on your songs can be sharing them on social media as much as possible. If you plan on releasing a song, it is advised that you start your song campaign three weeks before social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. Let all your followers know that you are about to upload a new song. The “pre-save” feature is another method which can help you in getting more plays on songs. Once people pre-save your song, they will get a notification the minute you put out your song. Make no compromises when it comes to sharing your song.

Buying Spotify Plays

One of the ways that have recently come into the limelight is the option to buy Spotify plays. Websites like Jaynike deliver real Spotify plays to your account instantly, along with 24-hour customer service. More importantly, your privacy is taken care of thus avoiding any kind of scams or frauds. Once, you buy Spotify plays, the engagement on your Spotify account increases thus leading to more people discovering your account. Now that you have more plays on your songs, you can pitch them to music bloggers and playlist curators and may be featured in one of the daily music blogs.

These are a few ways which can help you get more Spotify plays on your song. You will notice that your plays are growing by a significant number thus leading to overall growth in your insights. 

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