3 pros of taking your Florida CAM license online course vs. in-person!

Life has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies adopted remote working strategies, as government-imposed curfews and lockdowns surged. Also, schools and certification bodies adopted online learning for convenience.

In Florida, obtaining a CAM license can be difficult. You need to get through the application process and take all of the necessary classes for your profession. Thankfully, there is an alternative option available: taking your course online! Here are three pros of taking your Florida CAM license online course vs. in-person that may help you decide which way to go.


One of the greatest things about taking your CAM license course online is that you can do it on your schedule. You don’t have to be chained to any given class time, so there’s no need for a babysitter, and best of all: you can take as long as you want! This flexibility means that students without much free time or working full-time can easily get their license if they’re willing to put in the time and effort.

In comparison to in-person learning, you have more time to absorb the information and follow along. It doesn’t matter too much if you get busy or just feel like taking a break because your course is on-demand!


As we all know: money makes the world go round. When deciding between in-person vs. online learning for CAM licenses, cost should always be a factor.

If you take your Florida CAM license course in person with an instructor, it will most likely cost more than the online version. This is mostly due to overhead costs and the location of schools: teachers need to get paid! You will also incur additional charges traveling to and from school. 

The good news about this alternative learning option is that you can study at home and save yourself a lot of money. The cost savings could be used to pay for other necessities, depending on your situation and what you need to get certified.

All you need is a computer, an active internet connection, and a bit of your time!


Online learning is the way of the future! It’s no surprise that many people find online CAM license courses more efficient than having an instructor talk to them during a lecture.

All the information you need will be available at your convenience. You can follow along with video lectures and learn as much or as little as you please, whenever it’s convenient for you to do so! This means that if a single section is giving you trouble, all you have to do is pause and go back later: no one else knows how long it took you to understand the information.

This type of learning ensures that no one gets left behind, so there’s less pressure on students, and they can learn at their own pace without judgment or stress! The only thing holding them back is themselves!

When deciding between taking your Florida CAM license course online or in person, consider these three pros of the former option. You will have more flexibility with your time and save money on travel costs while getting all of the same information you need!

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