Fantasy IPL leagues- Earn Through Your Cricket Fever!

Although the game of cricket is found to have its origins from England and its popularity has no match in all the countries of the world today. It has been over a hundred years that cricket is looked upon as the most engaging and competitive sports in the entire world. As the people await the beginning of any cricket premier leagues, this game of cricket can never disappoint its lovers in the terms of entertainment as well.

So to entertain and be a source of some extra income for the cricket lovers, there is an online option for fantasy gaming where the person can go to online websites or the apps that provide an online platform to showcase the talent for gaming. In the world of this fantasy gaming, there are huge options of games to choose from like the Kabaddi, Hockey, Carrom, Badminton, football, etc. Out of which the fantasy cricket is one of the sports that seem to have an exponential rate of liking nowadays.

All the cricket fans all over the world go crazy as they look forward to the most exciting and popular festival of the cricket world that is the Indian premier league (IPL). Similar love and admiration can now be seen in the new IPL official fantasy league since last few years. In this virtual game, a person needs to build up their teams by choosing the players from different IPL teams of the real world. These real-life IPL players are allotted some virtual value and they are bought using some virtual currency. The teams need to score based on their performance in the matches like scoring the runs, taking the wickets, taking the catches, etc.

Talking in detail about the IPL fantasy league, it is a fantasy cricket tournament in which a team needs to be built by the players to compete against each other, based on the statistics generated by professional players of the cricket. Some of the important details of an IPL fantasy league are as enumerated below:

Team structure

  • The team structure for most of the top IPL fantasy league is usually a very simple one comprising of at least 1-2 wicket-keepers, 3-5 batsmen, 3-5 bowlers and at least 1 all-rounder.
  • The team must comprise of at least 1 uncapped player who is an Indian, maximum 4 foreign players and no more than 7 players from one IPL franchise.
  • These players are bought or owned, used a virtual budget of 1000 gems on the gaming portal.

The Scoring Pattern:

  1. The points scored for the team by a batsman:

The batsman will receive 0.5 points per run. A run is a score earned by the batsmen every time he runs to cross the crease on the other side of the pitch after hitting the ball. Also, 0.5 points are awarded as the boundary bonus. A player also gets 1 point every time he hits a six. The player also can earn 4 extra points for scoring a half-century and a total of 8 points for the achievement of the full-century. The team also gets -2 if a player gets dismissed for a duck.

  1. The points scored for the team by a bowler:

There will be 10 points for every wicket by the bowler, but the run-outs an excluded. Also, in case of a maiden over by the bowler of the team, the team gets awarded with a total of 4 points. The bowler can earn a total of 4 or 8 bonus points if he takes four or five wickets in a single match respectively.

  1. The points scored for the team by a fielder:

A fielder earns 4 points per catch he takes. There will be 6 points for every stump or run-out by the fielder of the team. He also gets an additional 4 points for each throw that leads to a run-out. The team also gets 2 points per catch that leads to a run-out.

  1. The points scored for the team by the captain and vice-captain:

The captain earned points and the vice-captain earned points are doubled and multiplied 1.5 times respectively before each round commences.

The legality prospect:

  • These fantasy IPL portals are legal and true in all aspects and provide a platform for cricket fans to utilize the knowledge and their passion for cricket in the best virtual way.

Some useful tips and tricks:

There are various useful tips and tricks that a participant can keep in mind relating to its selection of the fantasy cricket team as follows:

  • The Strength of the core team: The captain and the vice-captain constitute the core team for a fantasy IPL league. As the teams are not allowed to undergo many changes, it is important to wisely choose a core team of the skill players. The degree of skills, performance and experience of the players should be under a close check while the players play the previous matches. The captain and the vice-captain constitute the core team for a fantasy IPL league.
  • The overseas selection: Since the number of foreign players to be selected is only 4 in a team, the decision of selection of these overseas players must be taken wisely. Their performance is most likely to affect their selection in the next matches and may cost you a huge loss.
  • Gold in the game: The all-rounders are considered as the gold of the team as they are the ones who can do batting as well as bowling in a match. Selection of the 3 all-rounders must be such that it strengthens the team and prove to be an asset for it.

The game of fantasy cricket is the most entertaining sport for all the pundits of cricket. The cricket fever can lead to earning some extra bucks through the  IPL game earn money option available on the various online fantasy cricket portals that also provide with daily and weekly challenges and missions to be accomplished by the players to earn more and make the experience of the fantasy IPL more fun and exciting.




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