Factors that stop the financial success of a Mobile application

The market for application development is growing in large scale and surviving this competition itself seems to be a challenging task. Right from the startups to industrial giants everyone is much focused on choosing talented employees for their organization. Everyone is putting up their best to bloom successfully in the market. But they miss noticing some of the blocking points that prevent them from achieving their goal. All those barriers are discussed in this article.

Technical battle

Today every organization is putting their utmost for developing fruitful mobile apps. Although the market is getting loaded with tougher and tougher competition, the thirst for best applications is still unquenchable. People are ready to shift from one app to other that offers better user experience. Hence, almost a cut-throat competition is prevailing in the world. Before developing the idea, keep in mind about all these competitions and remember that your design must stand out from the crowd. The technical war is also going on along with it and people are expecting the best of the best. Keep up to the trends and design with future in mind.

Research is necessary

Apart from working on the interesting journal, also make deep research, because the interests of the people are changing with time. Hence understanding the people mind becomes an inevitable step. Make sure that the design app you are going to work on meets the peoples’ interest. Analyze the factors to the depth and come up with super picture clarity of your app design. Find the need that is prevailing around you; explore the technical possibilities of designing an app that meets all the demands. Also, ensure that you take immediate action else another person will begin it before you.

Accumulate Funds

Never think of that the money you have planned to spend will be enough to make your app as a successful one. Always the money will cross the bar then you expect. Hence collect s much as you can. Due to the increased level of competition, you will need to undergo aggressive promotion. You will have to undergo rigorous hard work to announce the existence of your application to the users. Also, consider the fact that the profit that an application attains as a return is only ten percent of the overall investment. Hence, most of the companies hesitate to invest more on apps. While considering this scenario you will come to know how important is raising funds.

Update regularly

Keeping your app up to date is highly necessary that too in their competition prevailing in the market. The UI design trends change every month which will let your app drown under the sea. The user’s desire is to enjoy an enhanced experience on using the app. By allowing your competitors to take a lead of you will automatically let your profit go down. To overcome those develop the habit of updating the app on regular basis. By doing so you show your audience how responsible you are and how much you care about that particular application. Keep updating at least every month and modify the column of what’s new in the play store.

Nowadays you have the advantage of interacting directly with the users. Make use of that interaction, collect all the feedback regarding your application from the users and try to resolve them. This will automatically impress the users and increase your profit rate. You must stop updating a particular application only when you feel that you are retiring the particular app.

Persistent promotion

Promoting the application continuously is the key to keep you alive in the competition. The most unfortunate thing is that the promotion cost is too high, which is a major consideration that sets you a step back in the app’s success. From the time when you stop the promotion of the app, you will find a gradual drop in the user number.

Retaining the users is much simpler when compared to attracting the new ones. Once an app is installed in the smartphone people will persist using it unless the update doesn’t fix up the bugs that arise with the software update. Keep the existing users more engaged, by continuous promotion. Build a long-term relationship with the user, using updates and ads.

Keep in touch with OS updates

Another important thing that an organization developing the application must take care of is the OS updates that occur in the smartphones. If you fail to notice the updates, some features of your application may fail due to the incompatibility with the new update. Once the new upgrade is out it is the responsibility of the developer to test the functionality of the existing app and resolve the issues if anything arises. The bugs must be fixed as soon as possible otherwise retaining the existing user will become a tough job.

Choose your app type

One must be highly conscious when he chooses the type of application. There was a time when people paid for the applications to use but today there are many apps that will offer similar work for free. Hence the users are automatically moving towards the free app. However, there are options for in-app purchases where the user can use the app for free with limited functionalities. In case if the user enjoys the application and he will automatically make payment to enjoy all the features. If you choose your app to be a free one and earning through advertisements, then ensure that the ads do not annoy the users, which will directly let all your effort go in vain.

Putting things together

We saw some of the major challenges that held back your app victory. However, this may vary according to the situation from each one’s perspective. Putting your utmost effort in every area discussed above will ensure your app’s success. Hence, analyze and research a lot before you make a precise decision. Make a design that stands out and delivers an awesome experience to your clients. Retain the clients using promotions and updating on regular basis then success is yours.

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