Exam preparation for real estate agent in Germany

The profession real estate agent is very popular in Germany. There are many reasons for that. One of the reasons is the good salary. In this article you will learn more about the profession real estate agent.

The heating is broken, the plaster crumbles and the floor had better times. With you as a real estate agent, this is unthinkable, because you are an expert when it comes to living. So you look after a large real estate portfolio and make sure that tenants feel in their home just perfect, apartments are not long empty and maintenance measures are carried out regularly. Behind the scenes of a real estate company, so much more happens than just housing. What awaits you in the exciting job of the real estate agent or the real estate agent, you will find out now with us.

The profession of real estate agent must not be confused with the real estate agent. During your training, you learn not only how to sell a home, but above all, how to manage a real estate administration. At the beginning of the apprenticeship, the basics are: how are customer visits planned and implemented, how is a rental agreement set up and prices and costs calculated? In addition, you will learn how to create and evaluate exposés and how to check the profitability of company services. Although you often work at the desk during your training, you will always find plenty of variety due to the outdoor appointments in which apartments and houses are visited or presented. As you progress through your training, you’ll learn how to assess and evaluate the value of real estate, how to maintain accounting, and what strategic sales and discussions are being used.

In order to never lose track in the commercial part of the training, you should have a knack for math and economics. Because during the training you will have to solve one or the other mathematical puzzles and create tables, calculations and calculations. But unlike other commercial occupations, the interpersonal component plays a particularly important role for real estate agents. That’s how you learn to live up to your customers’ demands while leaving your own taste outside. Even if you are the biggest fan of old-fashioned charms, ultimately it is important to introduce the customer to the different living options without putting your own taste in the foreground. Instead, you are taught to empathize with customers and to give them the best possible real estate. Of course, you should also bring along a certain sales talent.

You can only do this job if you have passed your exams. But the exam to the real estate agent is not easy. More than 1,000 people do not graduate every year. To help these people, we have created our own online video course on our online learning platform. In this Onlinbe course all topics are discussed, which are relevant to the exam. So the candidate learns quickly and easily for his exams and creates his exam with good grades.

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