What kind of education do I need to be a graphic designer?

As the world grows increasingly connected through the web and social media, there rises an increasing demand for professionals who possess both the technical and creative skills to compete on an international stature. To become a graphic designer you must have the capability to generate powerful visions that resonate with global audiences. This coupled with creative problem solving and technical knowledge can build a strong graphic design candidature in the competitive job market across a variety of industries.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design is the best way to prepare yourself to delve into and influence diverse forms of media and messaging across the realms of public, commercial, and political. This undergraduate programme typically lasts between three and four years, depending on the academic institution and the desired concentration of leaning. Read on to find out more.

What does a BA in Graphic Design teach you?

A Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design is basically a liberal arts degree that is awarded to potential candidates who finish all semesters of the course. Students get to earn valuable qualities that prepare them to land lucrative job opportunities in the fields of design and creative visual media. Furthermore, they will gain real-time training experience in design, moving on to build professional portfolios and integrating technical skills and critical analysis at the same time.

Students may choose to focus solely on graphic design or even combine it with another area of specialisation in their preferred career path. The best academic concentrations that you can pair a graphic design degree with is mass communication or business management.

What are the skills that you can gain?

A bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design gives you the opportunity to hone a range of skills along with a good grounding on how to produce quality designs for both social engagements and brightening the future of the design industry. Following are some of the examples of how you may go about achieving those:

  • Develop a deep foundational knowledge of core graphic design skills;
  • Take part in regular workshops in typography, type design, interaction, layout, moving image and photography;
  • Team up for projects ranging from the commercial industry to experimental design structure, from socially engaged to personal ideas;
  • Engage in debates based on the principles of social, political, commercial and industrial designing;
  • Develop a personal practice of dealing with creative challenges which are in line with content and audiences who are of prime importance;
  • Showcase your projects through efficient production, promotion and delivering public events;
  • Familiarise yourself with eminent tutors who are experts in a range of different disciplines, as well as artists, designers, writers and filmmakers.

Qualifying this degree will enable you to find employment with design and advertising agencies, going ahead to establish professional links. You must also keep an eye out for opportunities to take up work placements with design companies. Choose to explore graphic design course today and become the next generation graphic artist in no time!

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