Does underwear help you make a good first impression?

We’ve got generations of behavioral psychologists racking their brains and conducting research about social stigmas in simulated societies. The renditions of the isolated microcosms are far from the real thing. Assumptions, variables, and expectations are all predetermined. Some algorithms forecast the results of the experiment even before it begins.

The mistake is in the variables.

Closed investigations behind closed doors governed by people with closed mindsets. It’s about time we broke the cycle.

Does underwear help you make a good first impression?

Will the right innerwear change your life?

Have your underpants been holding you back?

Diving deeper into the hypothetical, we’ve experienced first hand that looking good makes us feel good. For decades, apparel brands have catered to people who believe the same. Not so long ago, the emphasis got divided equally to fashion and function. Today, it’s common to find look-good feel-good clothing off the rack.

But, this isn’t a factor with innerwear. Nobody in the past spent much time trying to figure out the best underwear for themselves. Hours spent on a four-piece suit would still begin with the same old tighty whities. Feeling good is just as important as looking good.

Perhaps the first impression is made on the sole basis of how you look. But it doesn’t end there.

Body language, behavior, and banter are the succeeding factors in making a good first impression according to the same closed-minded professionals that study abnormal psychology. An uncomfortable person is never at their best. Discomfort caused by underwear is like shackles holding you back from doing your thing.

You’re better off with better underpants. It’s an unquantifiable value that’s added to your daily. Nobody who decides despite the lack of quantification looks back at their old life with longing.

There were once two fresh-faced starry-eyed graduates who lived in the same neighborhood. Despite them being strangers, they had quite a lot in common. Both have had the same degree, the same college experience, the same career goals, and they’re both gunning for the same job.

The interview was on the other side of town, and both of them took the same bus to get there. They descended simultaneously at the designated junction. The receptionist directed them towards the waiting area filled with ambitious grads and familiar faces. But one of them was noticeably uncomfortable from the journey and the other was unfazed. Sitting down made it worse for the first and it was a breeze for the other. In the end, only one of them got through, landing a very desirable source of income.

It’s because he cared about how he felt, and not just about how he looked.

Buy Better Underwear.

Don’t live in the past. Don’t let anything bog you down.

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